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A Practical Introduction
Chris Pye
Sterling Publishing
Within this full-color tutorial that outlines the entire carving process, beginners will find guidance on setting up a workplace; choosing and using tools and materials; even what to do if things go wrong. Suggestions for “next steps” include more advanced techniques and advice on designing projects. 4 X 10 7/8. all in color

Pub Year : 1999 ISBN: 1-86108-096-4
176 pages
Trade Paperback

Rosario Capotosto

Complete plans for building 80 jigs that let you cut right angles with a circular saw, rip and crosscut with a scroll saw, cut compound angles for inside and outside corners, bend, shape and cut metal parts—plus turn a portable electric drill into a mini-drill press. “Great ideas, simply illustrated and explained.”—Wooden Boat. “Generously shares hundreds of professional tips.”—Workbench. 8 X 10 3/4.

"Great ideas, simply illustrated and explained."--Wooden Boat
"Generously shares hundreds of professional tips."--Workbench

Pub Date: 08/2003 ISBN: 0-8069-8929-7
368 pages
Trade Paperback

Manufactured And Patented Spokeshaves

The book above is a wonderful tool for any antique tool collector or dealer.  Manufactured And Patented Spokeshaves, by Thomas C. Lamond. 442 Pages. Clothbound.  The result of more than 20 years of research and collecting. Beginning with an introduction to the early history of spokeshaves and the evolution of the technology of those tools and proceeding through a topical analysis, chapter by chapter, of the various types of shaves and their use in specialized crafts It is, however, much more than just a history of spokeshaves. In identifying hundreds of obscure manufacturers in every corner of this country, and carefully researching their working dates, the author has assembled a portait of the development of American entrerprise from the focal point of these fascinating tools. Thoroughly indexed, copiously illustrated in color and black & white and filled with all manner of useful and entertaining information, this work deserves a place on the bookshelf of every serious collector

Alan Bridgewater and Gill Bridgewater
From the beginner series that covers every area in woodworking, the best starter information you will ever find!
"A fine introduction to the art of woodcarving…Coverage of the basics…is accomplished quite well. Gentle and practical explanations…in text, line drawings, and photographs, engage the reader…Projects are interesting…the results are worth the effort…Recommended."--Library Journal
Take the most in-depth, start from scratch "course" to woodcarving available. With gentle guidance from two renowned craftspeople and best selling authors, you'll see how to use the basic tools (gauges, knives, and mallets), and how to keep them in peak condition. Become familiar with various types of wood and their characteristics-an A to Z guide makes it so easy. Then whittle, incise, chip, and carve your way to wonderful works all your own. Among the fabulous projects that allow you to show-off your newfound skills: a rustic stool, a wild fowl decoy, and a ball-in-a-cage puzzle. 7 13/16 X 10. 193 b/w illus.
Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 0-8069-9090-2
128 pages
Trade Paperback

Woodworker's Power Tools

An Essential Guide
Rick Peters
Properly choose, use, and care for table, band, radial arm, circular, scroll, and other saws. The section on drills and drill presses—10 kinds—covers corded, cordless, portable, benchtop, and floor models. Jointers, planers, sanders, routers, and shapers receive exhaustive attention, as do bits, jigs, air tools (from compressors to sprayers), and lathes. 8 1/2 X 10. all in color

Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 0-8069-6659-9
192 pages
Paperback w/ Flaps

2x4 Furniture

Simple, Inexpensive & Great-Looking Projects You Can Make
Stevie Henderson
Sterling Publishing
“Numerous woodworking books claim to teach the beginner how to make easy and useful projects with cheap materials. While many fail to live up to these claims, this excellent book does. A variety of projects are covered. The material on tools and techniques is straight-forward. This book will interest woodworkers of all skill levels.”—Library Journal 8 1/2 X 10. 64 in color, 121 b/w illus.,

Pub Year : 1994 ISBN: 0-8069-0294-9
136 pages
Trade Paperback

* Planning * Building * Outfitting
Sam Allen
Sterling Publishing
“Explore the common materials used to make workben-ches, [find] basic construction methods, and traditional bench designs, including a joiner’s bench and a classic Scandinavian-style cabinetmaker’s bench. A useful primer.”—Woodshop News. “A a very fine reference source....A wide variety of design options...valuable.”—Fine Tool Journal. 8 X 10. 339 b/w illus.,

Pub Year : 1995 ISBN: 0-8069-0535-2
160 pages
Trade Paperback

A Complete Bench-Top Reference
Jim Tolpin
Sterling Publishing
This handy bench reference tells what kinds of jig make a table saw more efficient or accurate, what’s the best drill-bit speed to use to drill a one-inch hole in hardwood, what clamps and fixtures to use if you’re lamin-ating curved pieces, and many more tricks. At last, a comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-understand guide you can pull off the shelf whenever you’re stumped. 8 X 9 1/8. 700 b/w illus.,

Pub Year : 1996 ISBN: 0-87192-301-7
208 pages
Paperback Concealed Spiral

The Complete Metalsmith
An Illustrated Handbook
Tim McCreight
Sterling Publishing
Best techniques of working with gold, platinum, copper, brass, steel, plaster, and more. “Surprisingly comprehensive.”—The New York Times. “A gem of a handbook.”—Whole Earth Catalog. “No metalsmith or jewelry maker is ‘complete’ without this easy-to-use resource.” —Lapidary Journal. 8 X 9 1/8. 2,500 b/w illus.,
Pub Year : 1991 ISBN: 0-87192-240-1
208 pages
Paperback Spiral

The Complete Woodcarver's Handbook
Graham Bull
Just follow these practical and humorous guides to popular techniques such as whittling, carving, and relief carving. Choose from dozens of exercises and projects that feature found-wood sculpture, abstracts, in-the-round, incised patterns, and pierced-relief carving. Even challenging work—such as furniture deco-ration and carvings from photos—will come easily with a master teacher’s explanations. 8 1/2 X 10. all in color
Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 0-8069-7889-9
192 pages
Paperback w/ Flaps

Scroll Saw Pattern Book

Patrick Spielman and Patricia Spielman
Sterling Publishing
Most patterns of the 450 plus are full-size, and range from simple wall plaques, alphabets and puzzles, to fine frames, shelves, and inlays. Make practical items like lamps—or gifts like jewelry. Tips abound on changing sizes, flipping, woodburning, finishing, stencilling. “The scroll sawer’s delight.”—Popular Woodworking. “A source book...very interesting collection of unusual patterns.”—The Mallet. 8 X 10. 54 b/w photos, drawings throughout

Pub Year : 1986 ISBN: 0-8069-4772-1
256 pages
Trade Paperback

Woodcarving Tools & Materials

Tools, Materials & Equipment, Volume 2
Chris Pye
Guild of Master Craftsman
Chris Pye has been a professional carver for more than 20 years and writes extensively on the subject. His previous books include Lettercarving in Wood, Relief Carving in Wood, and Elements of Woodcarving. From preparatory drawings and modeling to the many finishes that make completed carvings glow, here’s how you go about creating the actual project. Learn the differences between soft and hard woods, how to deal with defects such as splitting and knots, and discover how grain, hardness, texture and durability figure into your work. Photos guide you along the way. 8 1/4 X 10 7/8. 180 color illus., 110 b/w illus.
Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 1-86108-202-9
176 pages
Trade Paperback

A Complete Course: Revised Edition
David James
Sterling Publishing
“This massive compilation of facts, skills, techniques, designs, and insider advice tells you everything....Set up your own workshop with just a few tools, a staple gun, cloth, and foam cutters. It’s practically enough information to make you a professional upholsterer!”—Decorating Country Style. 4 X 11 3/4. 56 color illus., 484 b/w illus.,

Pub Year : 1999 ISBN: 1-86108-118-9
320 pages
Trade Paperback

The Illustrated Handbook of Furniture Restoration
George Buchanan
Woodworkers find themselves returning again and again to this invaluable sourcebook. Packed with nearly 1,000 illustrations and photographs, it covers every aspect of restoring and repairing furniture, detailing the techniques and processes needed to complete the job.

Pub Date: 03/2003 ISBN: 0-7134-7887-X
240 pages
Trade Paperback

how to frame paintings, crafts, photographs, needlecrafts, models, memorabilia and more. It has 79 pages and is a softback. Book was purchased through a book warehouse and has never been used. $8.00

Projects * Techniques * Tools
 Best of Exotic & Greenhouse Gardening Ma
Guild of Master Craftsman
Woodcarving magazine selects only the best for its pages. Whether you hope to tackle lettering, paneling, portraits, bodywork, bird carving, or architectural work, it’s explained here in richly illustrated detail. A variety of the most admired authors guide you progressively, until you have a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of turning a block of wood into an attractive piece of craftsmanship. 8 1/4 X 11 3/4. all in color

Pub Year : 2002 ISBN: 1-86108-280-0
256 pages
Trade Paperback

The Making of Stinged Instruments

The Making of Stringed Instruments
A Workshop Guide
George Buchanan
Experience the joy of making music in a whole new way—from choosing the wood to playing the last note. More than 500 illustrations and a straightforward text explain every stage of crafting stringed instruments, including detailed plans and instructions for constructing a violin, cello, jazz guitar, mandolin and more.

Pub Date: 03/2003 ISBN: 0-7134-8140-4
208 pages
Trade Paperback

The complete Illustrated Guide to everything sold in hardware stores. It has 729 pages and is a softback. Thousands of tools and items are shown it is like a dictionary for tools and hardware stuff. Book was purchased through a book warehouse and has never been used has an inventory mark on the outside of pages. $10.00


Patio Roofs and gazebos
 It has 112 pages and is a softback. Many projects are shown including please see second picture for index. Book was purchased through a book warehouse and has never been used. $6.00