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Questions on ordering please call or email me at

Warrington Hammer the cross pein straight flat end of hammer is used for starting small nails and brads, without getting your fingers. The opposite end has a round face for driving nails. This hammer is made in the traditional English style. Made in Sheffield, England 10 ounces Item #L6151190 $16.49
 paw item #L7505075  $17.89

New Tack lifter this is a beautifully made tool for removing tacks and small nails. Made in Sheffield England the tool has a sturdy steel blade and nicely shaped and finished beech wood handle. Overall length 8" with a 3 1/2" blade
Item #L6055200 $14.49
New Brad Driver used for driving and setting brads. Magnetic tip of the steel plunger holds brad in place, and gives the ability to drive brads into tight spots. Tool features a nicely polished beech wood handle which is made in England and brass barrel and steel plunger Made in USA. Overall length 7"
 Item #L6200560 $13.99

estwing 12 ounce ball peen hammer

 Estwing ball peen 12 ounce with leather handle $29.99

Blue Grass BG47-13
13 ounce hickory octagon shaped handle approx. 12 15/16" long head is approx. 4 3/4" long $34.99 Limited Supply left

Blue Grass 13 ounce hammer

Blue Grass bg74713 hammer

Blue Grass BG-47RL24
24 ounce straight claw hammer measures approx. 6 1/16" long handle is round and hickory and measures approx. 16 7/8" long $24.99

Blue Grass BG47RL-24 ripping hammer

Blue Grass bg47rl24 hammer

Blue Grass BG47R 28 M
28 ounce milled head with a straight claw round hickory handle length of handle is approx. 17 3/16" lenght of hammer head  is approx. 6 5/8" long $24.99

Blue Grass BG747R-28m 28 ounce hammer

Blue Grass hammer bg47r28m

Blue Grass hammer bg47r28 milled head

Blue Grass BG110-2 Blacksmith's Hammer
40 ounce long hickory hanlde measures approx. 15 3/16" long
head is approx. 5 1/16" long $24.99

Blue Grass BG110-2 40 ounce Blacksmiths hammer

Blue Grass bg110-2 40 ounce Blacksmith's hammer

Blue Grass BG430-5/0 Ball Pein
4 ounce ball pein hammer with hickory handle which measures approx. 10 9/16" long head is approx. 6 5/8" long $24.99 Limited Supply left

Blue Grass BG430-5/0 4 ounce ball peen hammer

Blue Grass bg430-5/0 4 ounce ball pein hammer

Blue Grass BG430-3/0 Ball Pein
8 ounce ball pein measures approx.  3 3/8" long handle is white hickory and measures approx. 12 3/16" long $19.99

Blue Grass bg430-3/0 8ounce ball pein hammer

Blue Grass BG430-2/0
12 ounce ball pein with hickory handle approx. 12 15/16" long head is approx. 5 1/16" long $19.99

Blue Grass BG747-20
solid steel 20 ounce nail hammer head is approx. 5 1/4" long and has a rubber grip handle approx. 14" long with the patent  shock absorbing hickory core $24.99

Blue Grass BG747-20 all steel claw hammer

Blue Grass BG747RL-22
22 ounce straight claw with the shock absorbing hickory core and rubber grip handle which is 15 7/8" long head is approx.
5 7/8" long $24.99

Blue Grass BG747-24
Solid steel 24 ounce nail hammer approx. 14" long handle and a 5 1/2" head with rubber grip handle and a patent shock absorbing hickory core $24.99

Blue Grass BG747RCL-28
28 ounce solid steel ripping hammer handle approx. 15 9/16" long with a 6" long hammer head is milled has the patent pending shock absorbing hickory core and rubber grip handle is a straight claw $24.99

Blue Grass BG747RCL28  steel ripping hammer milled

Blue Grass bg747rcl28 milled hammer

Blue Grass hammer bg747rcl28

Blue Grass BG747R-22
Solid steel 22 ounce ripping hammer with rubber grip handle straight claw with the patent pend. shock absorbing hickory core handle measures approx. 14 3/16" long hammer is approx. 6" long $24.99

Never used mint Millers Falls Lathing Hatchets $14.99

Millers Falls Lathing Hatchet

Old large 8 pound ball pein type hammer with handle. This hammer head measures approx. 6 1/2" long The flat striking side measures approx.
 2 5/16" wide the ball pein part is about 2" wide. item #8lbpein $60.00

Old unmarked 8 lb pein hammer

8 pound ball pein hammer

Old approx. 11 pound Brass hammer has Beryl CO. stamped on one side and B70 stamped on the other has a handle but is loose.
 item #11lbberylhammer $50.00

Old approx. 11 pound Brass hammer  Beryl CO

Old approx. 11 pound Brass hammer has Beryl CO