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Information provided by The Directory of American Toolmakers which you can visit thier website at this link  

Gunn & Amidon of Greenfield MA 1861-1868 Levi J. Gunn and Charles H. Amidon made braces patented by Amidon and by Barber. Their wrenches were apparently a style used in a brace. The handle they advertised was an adjustable type that could hold awls, files, chisels, etc. By 1868 they were a parent company for the Millers Falls Mfg. Co and abandoned this name entirlerly before 1872. The company was now named the Millers Falls Mfg. Co. Greenfield MA 1868-1872 when they moved to a new factory. Henry L. Pratt, formerly of Nims and Pratt, was the company‚Äôs New York agent until 1870 when he became president of the company and Amidon left it.  The name was then changed to The Millers Falls Co. Greenfield MA 1872-1931 they made anvils, bits, boring machines, braces, drills, handles, levels, metal planes, saws and shaves, vises. They would mark the tools with M.F. Co. (sometimes with city/state), multiple combinations and configurations of their name, city/state, "Millers Falls Tools", patent dates, model numbers etc. The Millers Falls Mfg. Co. dropped the "MFG" in 1872 when they absorbed the Backus Vise CO. and George E. Rogers. In 1876, they also absorbed the Langdon Miter Box Co. They absorbed several other companies between then and 1931 when they merged with the Goodell Pratt Co. and the Millers Falls Co. was retained as the operative name. The company later became a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand. In addition to their own products, they sold and apparently, in some cases, marked tools taken on consignment from such other makers products as Alford hand vises, Lewis patent bits, Johnson boring tools, Stratton Levels, etc. They used the brand name STAR on hacksaws and braces. Some of the patent dates, and or patent holder names on their tools were: Albert D. Goodell's Feb. 19, 1884 patent; H. Ducsh's July 26, 1873 (invalid Date) patent for a combination anvil/vise/drill; Gunn's ratchet auger handle; a Oct. 23, 1900 patent drill chuck; a August 14, 1877 patent hand drill; David C. Rogers September 19, 1882 patent for shoot board/miter plane; Charles W. Smith June 13, 1882 patent for a surface gauge; and the numerous post 1900 patents.  The last purchase of the Millers Falls Tool Company was made by the Gorilla Glue Company which bought all remaining stock and ceased operations on the production of all Millers Falls tools which are sadly no longer being made today.

I would like to take the time and thank Mr. Roger K. Smith for providing some history of this company. Mr. Smith is a well known author and historian on antique tools.