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Goodell Pratt Company Toolsmiths #16 Catalogue
Goodell Pratt Company Toolsmiths #16 Catalogue

click here to download Goodell Pratt no. 16 catalog pdf file 15.5mb


The only information I could find on this company is from the Directory of American Toolmakers book published by the EAIA which you can visit thier Website at

Goodell Pratt Co. Greenfield MA. 1899-1931 The types of tools they made were calipers, drill chucks, drills, saws and wrenches and many other tools as you will see in the above catalog #16. They marked thier tools with various combinations and configurations of the maker name, city and state, sometimes with "Toolsmiths" added and also G P/Co in a shield outline. This company was a successor to the Goodell Bros. company which was out of Shelburne Falls MA from 1888-1899 . They acquired Stratton Bros. Coffin & Leighton Co. and Lavigne Micrometer Co. Althought they were acquired by millers Falls in 1931, existing stocks of marked tools were sold for a few more years. The owner, William Pratt 1867-1946 was the son of Francis R. Pratt and possibly related to Henry L. Pratt a founder of the Millers Falls Company. He ealier worked in the H.H. Mayhew Co. and the Wells Bros. Company.