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1923 Pexto no. 20 Tool Catalog
1923 Pexto no. 20 Tool Catalog cover

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The history information on this company was obtained from the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers Book which you can visit them at .


The Peck, Stow & Wilcox Company was out of Southington CT from 1870-1950 and they manufactured and sold bits, braces, chisels, dividers, draw knives, hammers, household tools, machinist tools, screwdrivers, tinsmith tools and wrenches.

They would mark their tools with various combinations and configurations of full name, “P.S. &W. CO.”, PEXTO, City/State, patent dates etc. Plantsville, CT and Cleveland OH were additional factory locations used in some marks.


Peck, Smith & Co, the S. Stow Mfg. CO and the Roy’s & Wilcox CO. were the three primary businesses that merged to form this major tool company. Others which were part of that merger or were acquired later were: A.W. Whitney & Sons; J.E. Hull & CO.; Woodruff & Wilcox; Hart, Bliven & Mead Mfg. CO. Cheshire Edge Tool CO. and Johns & Co.


The company was bought out by Billings & Spencer in 1950, but the name was still used for some time after that. Their household tools included a variety of meat cutters, choppers, and grinders, sausage stuffers, coffee mills. The brand name LITTLE GIANT was used on some of these and they were made under or based on patents dated 15 March 1859, January 10 1860, March 9 1869, April 19 1892 and September 3 1895; some of those or other patents were issued to O.D. Woodruff, J.G. Perry and A.W. Hale.


Amos Shepard had a December 30 1884 patent for a brace that they made, James H. Culver an October 11 1887 caliper patent, Henry Smith a July 1 1873 wire gauge patent, and an Ellrich patented saw set was one of their products. Other patent dates reported on their tools were March 20 1888, November 20 1888 July 15 1890 and August 26 1890.


Some of the brand names they used were: SAMSON on squares, braces and augers, BUCKEYE on hammers, FOREST CITY also on hammers STRONGHOLD, HERCULES and RAZOR BLADE on Draw knives    

1923 PEXTO Southington Office and Plant
1923 PEXTO Office and Plant picture
1923 PEXTO Cleveland Office and Plant