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Laura Ingall's visit to Keen Kutter


"We went to the Manufacturers' Building... and saw the "Keen Kutter" exhibit. In the center of the space, which was nearly two hundred feet square... Everything about the exhibit was worked by electricity. Above... is an arch made of glistening spoons of different sizes. At the upper right-hand corner was a gigantic pocket knife with four blades that kept opening and shutting and at the upper left-hand corner was a row of seven blacksmiths standing each at his anvil with a different tool in his hand. At stated times first one and then another would beat the tool on the anvil with his hammer... At the center top were two windmills made of ax blades continually turning. It was very interesting."

SEPTEMBER 29, 1915


E.C. Simmons & Co. was a wholesale hardware dealer which marked all types of tools. Although they were not a maker per se, the company did acquire controlling interest in the Walden Knife Co. in the 1890’s and had some of their tools made by that company. They were bought out by the A.F. Shapleigh Hdw. Co. n 1940. Besides their best known brand name KEEN KUTTER, some other brand names they used not necessarily before 1900 were: ARKANSAS (splitting wedges), AXTEL (horse rasps), BAY STATE (hatchets), BLACK JACK (various tools including a wrench with a 14 JAN. 1896 patent), BLACKSNAKE (saws), Blue Brand or B.B. (squares and others), BULL DOG (braces and tool sets), CHIPAWAY (axes, planes, hammers and other), CLAY BANK (shovels), COLUMBIA (saws), CUMBERLAND (axes), DEFIANCE (saws), DELMAR (coffee mills), DRIVEWELL (punches), DUCK BILL (wrenches), ESSEX (wrenches), EUREKA (rakes), FARMER BOY (scythe stones),  FAST MAIL (saws), W.M. FINCH (saws), HERCULES (wheelbarrows), HOWARD (axes), KEYSTONE (forks), KLICKER (various tools), KLINCHER (pliers), KORN KRUSHER (corn mills, LIGHTNIN, LONE STAR (hoes), H.M. MEIER (saws), MESQUITE (axes), MOGUL (shovels), MONARCH (saws), NEVER SLIP (wrenches), OAK LEAF (various tools),  OHIO BOY (rakes), OHIO FALLS (axes), OZARK (splitting wedges), POLAR (ice saws), RED JACKET (hatchets),  RED LINE (rules), RED TOP (scythes), ROYAL (axes), RUN EASY (plows, lawn mowers), SMILEY’S (saws),  SURE GRIP (braces, vises, wrenches), SWIFT (saws and saw tools), TRUE BLUE (axes), UTILITY (saws, wrenches), VANGUARD (saws), WINNER (lawn mowers), WOOD PECKER (axes),  ZULU (axes), WM. ENDERS (various tools) information obtained from the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers book which you can visit thier website at this link


Edward Campbell Simmons and August Frederick Shapleigh founded keen Kutter.

Time line:

1847 Shapleigh Day & Company- 1863 A.F. Shapleigh & Company-1870 Keen Kutter name chosen by E.C. Simmons-1872 E.C. Simmons & Company-1874 Simmons Hardware Company

1922 Merger of Simmons Hardware & Winchester- 1923 Winchester- Simmons Company

1929 Simmons Hardware Company reverted to original status- 1940 Shapleigh Hardware Company-1962 Val-Test as to my understanding Distributors Buying Group still existing


The Keen Kutter brand of tools was originated in 1870 by the E.C. Simmons Company. In 1874 the organization was incorporated under new Federal corporation laws as the Simmons Hardware Company. It was the first company to take such a step.

The company motto was "The Recollection of QUALITY Remains Long after the PRICE is Forgotten."

A 1902 portrait of E.C. Simmons' top 257 salesmen is included in Jack DeBoer's Keen Kutter collection. It was made to honor them for selling over two million dollars worth of merchandise in just one month. The Keen Kutter gold axe badge, one of which is included in the collection, was awarded only to elite salesmen. The badge was worn on the lapel and considered a symbol of great esteem. E.C. Simmons was a pioneer in the development of the catalog as a sales tool. His catalog was the first to use color pictures and was recognized around the world as the "hardware encyclopedia. "The 1908 "G" issue, which contained over 79,000 items, was the largest hardware catalog of its kind in the world.

E.C. Simmons loved sales gimmicks. The firm promoted its products with moving figures for display windows, such as a large, electric powered pocket knife which slowly opened and closed. The Keen Kutter puzzle was perhaps the most famous company promotional gimmick. One boy and one girl would be allowed to sit in a store display window while competing to complete the puzzle in the least possible amount of time. Victorious boys received a pocket knife; girls received a pair of scissors.

Built as a distribution center for the company's line of "Keen Kutter" products, the building was reported to have contained more floor space than any other building in Wichita, 80 thousand square feet. Designed by the St. Louis Firm of Mauran, Russell and Garden, the architecture of the building incorporated both the Italianate and Romanesque styles. The four-story, nine bay red brick building boasted an automatic sprinkler system that included a 20 thousand gallon water tank located 20 feet above the sprinkler heads "hidden" in the cupola portion of the building. The heart of a state of- the-art fire extinguishing system. The building itself was constructed to be fire resistant.


Its floors were water-tight, and its walls cobbled at each level to retard air currents. Cracks and seams were sealed with oakum and pitch to render them air-tight. The massive wooden beams which formed the building's frame were built into the brick walls. In case of fire, this design would prevent a burning or collapsing beam from pulling the surrounding wall down with it. The Keen Kutter warehouse was said to be the strongest building in Wichita and the largest

warehouse in the world in 1906. Its design is identical to that of the Cupples Building in St. Louis.


The 40-foot high square cupola features a hipped roof with pairs of brackets flanking circular window openings. Construction of the Keen Kutter warehouse began in 1905 and was completed in the spring of 1906. The four-story, all-brick building encompasses 80,000 square feet of space and cost $250,000 to build. Nine shipping bays received goods from all over the world

 An E. C. Simmons Hardware Company Logo Trade Mark. E.C. Simmons operated in St. Louis  MO between 1868-1940 with distribution points in at least 8 major U.S. Cities.

Pocketknives: Keen Kutter was the Simmons premium brand, used mainly on American-made knives.

Lower priced knives, most made in Germany were tang stamped Simmons or Simmons Hardware Co. Some of the latter have a picture of a hornet stamped on the reverse tang

Simmons Hardware had begun as a regional hardware wholesaler in Saint Louis after the Civil War, much like hundreds of other similar firms all over the United States. Unlike most hardware

wholesalers, however, Simmons had grown and expanded aggressively in pursuit of a national market. The Simmons "Keen Kutter" brand had become known all over the country

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click here to download Keen Kutter 1939 catalog pages 825 to 950 pdf. file 15.2mb

click here to download Keen Kutter 1939 catalog pages 955 to 1078 pdf. file 14.6mb

click here to download Keen Kutter 1939 catalog pages 1101 to 1260 pdf. file 18.3mb

click here to download Keen Kutter 1939 catalog pages 1261 to 1494 pdf. file 29.2mb

click here to download 1939 Keen Kutter Knife section pdf file 17.8mb


Street City/State/Zip


Type Domestic Profit State of

Incorporation MO

Status Date 11/15/1887 Status I


Date 12/15/1873 Current Name

Date 12/15/1873


Date Perpetual Report Period :

Last AR

Filed Last AR Year












Street City/State/Zip





State of

Incorporation MO

Status Date 04/13/1936 Status ID


Date 11/15/1922 Current Name

Date 09/06/1929


Date 11/15/1972 Report Period :

Last AR

Filed Last AR Year


Date 04/13/1936









Below is a complete 1950's era Keen Kutter catalog (I have found dates from around 51-59. My husband carefully scanned every page from front to back, this catalog is huge, about 10" thick and it took him awhile and I want to thank Joe for this awesome catalog for everyone to share. 
I am in the process of describing each sections contents this is taking awhile so please bare with me.


1950 keen kutter 1 11.85mb

This section includes Index of Keen Kutter catalog, order information, pricing code, adds on the following items: aladdin, grand slam golf clubs, ash tool handles, Glasbake, Concord milk glass, Aztec punch sets, Arbor Leaf tableware, Frost pine tableware, Jeannette pink glass, westcraft planter boxes, roadmaster silver streak, pacemaker, flying falcon, jet pilot, pleasure liner, luxury liner  bicycle, Koroseal pools, lone ranger tents, wenzel play tents, Richmond cedar works ice cream freezers, hostesswares tablewear, Vogue royal chrome hostesswares. Assorted pages of miscellaneous items from tools to rubbish burners.

1950's 2 13.19mb


This section contains various items on each page some of the items include: Hahn gas revolvers and holster,  plastic ware,  Keen Kutter friction tape, arrow tacker kits, Tennis rackets by Wilson, keen kutter auger bits, Remington model 66 rifle, clotheslines, Gas revolver Crosman, Telescope sights Mosseberg, clocks by Westclox and General Electric, Hog weigher scale by Hanson, Dazey electric can opener, door hardware, Jackmaster knives by Imperial, Keen Kutter flashlights and batteries, Kitchen ware by Gardner, polly flex plastic ware, estwing axes and hammers, Fruitcake, rubber hose, radios, cosco bar stools, Morton sling shot set, Hi-Standard automatic target pistols, dry wall tools by sands, Oster massage pillow, Daisy air rifle, Black & Decker electrit utility tools, Keen Kutter gasoline can, wooden ware chopping blocks, electric heaters, Delta homecraft woodworking tools, Duck calls by Faulk's, Barbecue grilles by Weber.

click here to download Keen Kutter 3 24.99mb


This section contains Keen Kutter Shapleigh's advertisement matter, Factory advertising allowances, Authorized Futures and datings, factory catalogs, booklets and circulars, Fair Trade users, Keen Kutter Tool display, tool, cutlery show case contract, Shapleigh Traffic Builders which include, axes, hammers, handles, pliers, screwdrivers, chisels, saws, rulers, tool boxes, electric tools, cotton hoes, lazy boy lawn mowers, sprinklers, door locks and hardware, paint brushes, pyrex, Daisy, rubbermaid, toasters,  Sunbeam mixers, Hall china coffee makers, Marquette refrigerators, electric heaters, electric ranges, kitchen stools, keen kutter whalf and imperial pocket knives, Davy crockett pocket knife,  Ontario Tru Edge carving sets, Keen Kutter cutlery set, insulated jugs, Remington gamemaster and whitney guns, flashlights, casting rods and reels, fishing lures by heddon and brooks, Lionel locomotives and train set, Wilson footballs, basketballs and gloves, Trycycles, toy cars, swingsets, strollers

click here to download Keen Kutter part 4 7.92mb


This section contains hand tools which include: Keen Kutter Shapleigh and Stanley planes, little gian razor plane, stanley open throat router,  stanley surform cutting tools, stanley irons and handles, Scrapers by red devil and stanley, Clyde wonder tool, Keen Kutter and shapleigh Draw knives, stanley spoke shaves, Keen kutter fuller stanley chisels, wood turning tool set by Disston, Stanley handyman cold chisels, Keen Kutter Machine punches, all steel wood chisels, keen kutter alloy punch and chisel silent salesman display, masonry drills, center belt prick starter machine pin punches, ticket punches and spring punch by Bernard, Nail sets letter and number sets, keen kutter screwdriver silent salesman display, fullers screwdriver advertisement, BernzOMatic kits, spiral ratchet screw driver yankee mansco and stanley handyman

click here to download Keen Kutter part 4 sec. 2 10.2mb

This section contains hand tools which include: yankee and mansco push drill and points, yankee boring tools and screwdriver attachment bits, fuller and yankee drill attachments and points, fuller and yankee offset screwdrivers, fuller nut drivers, How to read a square, Keen Kutter sargent nicholls framing and steel squares, stanley shapleigh defince twix try and miter also combination and southington squares, stanley sliding t bevels, stanley trammel points, calipers and dividers  by Kastar standard general, Keen Kutter and fuller scratch awls, vernier caliper by general, depth gauge center guage wire guage by General, General reference table, General and stanley butt guage, shapleigh stanley marking gauges, Standard yard stick, lufkin and stanley caliper rules, Lufkin Evans Master and stanley extension folding zig zag rule, Lufkin Keen Kutter Walsco Evans and Stanley tape rules, Keen kutter plumb bob, cedarburg Evans Diamond Edge and strait-line chalk line reels, stenceil brushes, shapleigh's Simmons Dixon lead pencil, Scripto Keen Kutter Diamond B&S Dixon lumber crayons, Pencil sharpeners, Liquid solder, plastic rubber aluminum and steel, glue, keen kutter peerless sands plumbs and levels, tool boxes union kennedy bighorn walton national, tool holders carpenters keen kutter aprons, Leveling instrumbents by Bostrom, S&A Stanley level sights,

click here to download Keen Kutter part 4 7.02mb

This section contains hand tools which include: Keen Kutter Shapleigh Cee Tee channel lock Bernard Fuller and Klein pliers, Keen Kutter Shapleigh carpenters' pincers, Keen Kutter and Crescent fencing pliers or staple pullers, Keen Kutter and Todds end cutting nippers, Klein Linemen's wire grips, Porter wire cutters, Porters Bolt cutters, Ridgid pipe cutters, Ridgid Columbian Littletown Pipe vises, General wall tube cutter, Imperial National Flaring Tools, Keen Kutter Master Stillson Ridgid pipe wrenches, Peterson Involute visegrip, Adjustable wrench Keen Kutter displays, repairs parts for adjustable wrenches Diamond Edge Keen Kutter and Utica, Adjustable wrenches by Keen Kutter Shapleigh Crestoloy and Crescent, Billings & Spencer adjustable wrench, Truecraft japan adjustable wrench, Barcalo Billings & Spencer open end wrench, New Britain machine co box end wrench, Wrench display assortments by Servatool, Indestro wrench sets, Indestro select steel open end box and combination wrenches and tool sets, New Britain Machine sockets and wrenches, Hargrave Judd Standard Sargent clamps, Larson Gunver corner clamp, Hargrave Pony bar clamps, Saw Horses, Jorgensen hand screws, columbian bench screws, Quick reference vise chart for columbian vises, woodworkers vises by LittleTown Stanley  and columbian, Electric Forges by Champion, Vulcan blacksmiths' anvils, SHapleighs blacksmith hoof pareers, farriers knives, blacksmiths aprons, Keen Kutter Wiss Midwest Tinners' snips

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec 4 9.46mb

This section contains hand tools which include: Clayton Lambert Turner Bernzomatic Supreme Prepo blow torches, Drake Lenk Wen Weller soldering irons and guns, Solder and supplies, General Tap information, Ace Greenfield Taps and also reamer wrenches, Rigid Pipe tool power drives, Ridgid pipe and bolt threading machines and tools, Stanley hand drills, Yankee Shapleigh Klicker bit braces, Jacobs chucks, Clark and General circular and hole cutters, Keen Kutter Clarks Stanley Connecticut Valley expansive bits, Irwin Keen Kutter Shapleigh auger bits, Pratt auger handles, Countersink bits by stanley deuse, gimlet bits, screwdriver and countersink silent Keen Kutter salesman bits, Greenlee machine bits, Keen Kutter Cleveland drill bits and sets, Irwin Greenlee Cleveland electric drill bits, Drill cabinets by Cleveland, Reamers and extracors by Cleveland 

click here to download file Keen Kutter 7.61mb

This section contains: Behr Manning Hindostan Pike India Carborundum sharpening stones, Abrasive powder, Graphite by Dixon, About coated abrasives, Keen Kutter and carborundum emery flint sandpaper, Carborundum glue resin floor paper, Behr manning speed grit sanders, Red Devil sanpaper holders, steel wool, General description of files and rasps, Sectional view of different size files, Klicker Nicholson files and rasps, file cards and handles, Sands dry wall tools, Keen Kutter Rose Marshalltown WM. Johnson Klicker Howard Wonder brick plastering cement and pointing trowels, Nicholls marshalltown Nicholls plasterers' darbies floats and hawks, Shapleigh Clinsteel cement workers' tools, Rose Mason's jointers, Marshalltown joint and brick jointers, Donley Fuller Brick carriers, neverdrip mortar hod, riddles, canvas tool bags, Vaughan mayhew bricklayers and stone cutters tools

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec. 5 9.93mb


This section contains: Keen Kutter dirt shovels, drain spades, moulders shovels, forged socket shovels, irrigating shovels, coal shovels by Klicker, furnace scoops, Keen Kutter coal yard scoops, Klicker and keen kutter scoops, Keen Kutter drain cleaner, grain scoops, true temper snow shovel, Handles,  post hole digger, post hole augers, Keen Kutter garden tool merchandiser, floral forks, Little giant garden tool set, Keen Kutter Ames Comet Klicker spading digging manure hay header cotton seed ballast and stone forks, Potato hooks, manure hooks, chooped hay drags, corn drag or mill hooks, Klicker Keen Kutter hoes, Keen Kutter unhandled eye hole, turf edgers, garden cultivators, garden lawn and hay and broom rakes, Garden Mattocks, weeders for asparagus and dandelions, rotary turf edgers, lawn edge trimmers, garden tools, bulb planters, garden cultivators and attachments, rotary tiller, garden tractors and attachments, Cutter mattocks, pick mattocks, railroad and clay picks, carbide lamps, miners caps, calcium carbide, concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, and dolly trucks

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec. 6 2.82mb


This section contains: Agricultural equipment, saddle pads, cinchas, halters hame straps saddle blankets, bell collars, riding bridles, harness leather, sweat collar pads, soaps, apron webbing,  bridle and ring bits, boat snaps, swivel chain and harness snaps, curry combs and brushes, antii spreader box chains, halter and trace chains, coil or cable chain, log and ox chain, bright coil and galvanized chain, chain hooks and repair links, clevises, hitchpin and hooks, doubletree clevises, clevis grab hooks, hitch fins, wagon box side braces, wagon hardware, tractor umbrella, spring assortments.

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec. 7 12.1mb


This section contains:  Shapleigh Keen Kutter Klicker gasoline power lawn mowers, Pennsylvania power mowers, blades and accessories, walk behind lawn mowers, springfield riding lawn mowers and attachments, electric lawn edgers and trimmers, lawn rollers, spike disc cultivators, grass catchers, Grass hooks by Keen Kutter Shapleigh old hickory klicker Little Giant, True temper grass cutter, klicker grass whip, Keen Kutter Wiss grass shears, grass busch and weed scythes, weed hook, weed cutter, Collins machetes, bush hooks, ditch bank blades, scythe snaths, water hose, rubber and plastic hose, hose hardware, hose nozzles, lawn sprinklers, Starline hay tools and accessories, cotton and hay hooks, hay fork pulleys, corn planters, seed sowers, corn knives, work gloves, bottle cappers by indestro, corks, bottle caps and wooden kegs

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec. 8 10.2mb


This section contains: Keen Kutter Disston Shapleigh Atkins pruning saws, Keen Kutter Klicker pruners, Forester True Temper handled pruners, Keen Kutter Klicker Seymour Smith Wiss Pruning shears, electric trimmers, hedge shears, Mule and sheep shears, emasculatomes by Wimco, Oster Stewart Clipmaster clipping and shearing tools and parts, Dehorners by Newton & McGee Seymour, cattle leaders, bull rings, anti cow kickers, Bevin Kentucky cow bells, Sheep and turkey bells, weaners, barn equipment, hill stewart and perfect blaif hog ringers and rings, ear notchers, brooder lamps, pultry fountains and feeders, Hudson tanks, hog troughs and feeders, tank heaters, hog waters, hudson sprayers, insecticide dusters, compressed air sprayers, insecticide spray and repellent, D-con, grass killers, nicotine sulphate, acme insecticides and fungicides, spraying guide what and when to spray, grass seed, plant food, fertilizer spreaders

click here to download Keen Kutter sec 9 16.3mb file


This section contains: Catalog index, Builders hardware contract department, Technical terms applying to locks and builders' hardware, Note keying alike and master keying locks, how to measure locks, kwikset tubular locks and latches, Dummy knobs and Rosettes, Sargent locks and latches, accessories for sargent aligna locks, corbin cylindrical locks and latches, Schlage cylindrical lock, ornamental escutcheons, yale & town locks and latches, sectional front door lock sets by corbin shapleigh earle, rim lock sets and strike plates, mortise lock cylinders, dead locks, rim dead lock latch, padlocks by master and bicyle locks by yale gossner, combination padlocks, miniature padlocks by yale walsco slaymaker, drawer locks, suit case catches, key cutting machines, key blank assortments by Ilco Yale & Towne shapleigh clinton sargent master corbin dexter briggs & stratton, barrel keys flat blank keys and bit key skeleton blanks, push and pull plates, thresholds and weather strip, floor hinges and door checks, forged iron colonial door hardware, exit devices, door closers, spring and chain door stops and holders, door pulls hinges and bolts, chain door fasteners 

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 12.1mb


This section contains: Mail boxes, lettering and numbers for hoses, screen and storm door locks and latches, hinges, screen window, hardware, window locks and lifts, aluminum hardware, window cranks, sash chain and cord, cabinet hardware, wood knobs and pulls, furniture trim display, box hardware

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 5.04mb


This section contains: support hinges and braces, hinge butts, stove bolt assortments, ornamental hinges, strap hinges, T hinges, hinge hasps, gate hooks and staples, corner braces and irons, mending plates,  shelf bracket hardware, utility hooks, hangers, shoe racks, clothes closet fixtures, drawer slides, turnbuckles, eye bolts, screw hooks 

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 5.58mb


This section contains: porch swing chains and hooks, eye bolts, screw hooks and eyes, cup and shoulder hooks, pulleys, tackle or awning pulleys, casters, truck locks, furntiure rests and glides, merchandiser accessories, perforated board fixture number comparative chart, perforated board fixtures, peg board and hook merchandisers and fixtures, folding door hardware

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 8.23mb


This section contains: steel basement sash, metal building corners, foundation grates, cornice ventilators, clean out or ash pit doors, louvers, roof and ceiling ventilators, clothes dryer vents, awnings and canopies, aluminum shutters, closet shelves, Shapleighs adjustable porch and stair railing, barn door hangers and brackets, barn door track, garage door hardware, gate and thumb latches, rung fasteners, corruated fasteners, wood dowels, masonry drills, molly screw anchors, jack nut and wrench, masonry anchors and drivers, expansion shields, toggle bolts, cotter pin, rivets, Rex hand riveting machine, rivet sets and headers, woodruff keys, screws, bolts, wood screw information

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 9.39mb


This section contains: stove bolts, riveting burrs, washers, steel macninery bushings, nuts, s.a.e. cap screws, hexagon keys, allen wrench, redi bolts, fence and gate fittings, gates, fence, barbed wire, hardware cloth, fence tools, linemens wire grips, wire strecthers, wire clamps, fence posts, electric fence controllers and accessories,  cattle prodders, porcelain corner knobs and insulation, earth anchor, picket fence, screen wire cloth, fiberglas screening, storm doors, window screens, screen door grills,  plastic sheeting, corn crib cover silo cover, tarps, holiday plastic ice skating rink liner, hog shelter, air conditioner cover, glass substitues, weather stripping

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 9 file 4.38mb


This section contains: wire, tacks, nails, glides and casters, upholsterers tacks, safepin and gimp tacks, railroad or billposter tacks, corrugated shoe nails, wire clinching shoe nails, double pointed tacks and staples, glaziers points, steel wire brads and flathead wire nails, fence staples, roofing nails, gypsum dry wall nails, flooring brads, steel cut nails, concrete screw nails, masonry and cement nails, aluminum nails, capewell horseshoe nails, decorated building paper, wallpaper, asbestos paper and cement, asbestos mill board, roofing paper, deadening felt, shingles by shapleigh, brick siding, conductor pipe strainers, roofing washers and caps, easy forming coil, gutters

click here to download file Keen Kutter sec. 11 13.2mb


This section contains: plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, lavatories sinks, universal rundle water closets  toilets, bathroom fittings, kitchen sink, shower stalls, Shirley all steel kitchen sinks and cabinets, linoleum and formica couter tops, what not shelves, garbage disposal units, sink fittings, toilet seats,  laundrey trays, medicine cabinets, mirrors, soap dish and accessories, basin wrenches by ace, toilet paper, shower heads and curtains, tank balls and floats, faucets, traps, sink strainers, water aerators, faucet washers, toilet seat repair kits, spud washers, drain stoppers and bowl gaskets

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 11 11.7mb


This section contains: faucets, compression stops, brass valves, range boilers, Keen Kutter gas water heaters, electric water heaters, pipe fittings, copper pipe solder sweat fittings, wrought steel pipe,  pipe fittings, sinkk collars and floor drain stoppers, roof flanges, melting pots, twisted jute, plumbers spun oakum, joint compound, patching cement, force cup plungers, septic tanks, hydrants, selecting the size of pumps and tanks information, water systems, pressure switches and gauges, paint and varnish remover, white lead by dutch boy, muriatic acid, sump pumps and jacks, high pressure pumps, well pumps, pump leathers and float valves, drive well points, pump chain and foot valves, well wheels and bored well buckets

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 12a 11.1mb


This section contains: paint brushes, artist's brushes, bucket grids, paint pots and pans, paint rollers and trimmers,  kalsomine brushes, whitewash brushes, stucco cement dashers, roofing paper hangers brushes, paint cleaners and scrapers, Red Devil paint and glass scrapers, scraper brushes, red devil fletcher glass cutters, paint sprayers and guns, ladders, keen kutter paint varnish and enamel, paint color system selling aids, paint color cards


click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 12b Painters Tools 23.9mb

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 13 Bags, paper, twine, tackle blocks 5.51mb

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15a Kitchen Ware 4.85mb

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15b Kitchen Plastic Ware 6.31mb

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15c Kitchen Ware Hall Shawnee Pyrex 7.85mb

click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15d glasses, kitchen tools, gadgets 8.85mb

click here to download file click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15E Brooms, sweepers, polishers 7.185mb

click here to download fileclick here to download file click here to download Keen Kutter sec. 15F laundrey sundreys 5.10mb

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Some of this Informantion on Keen Kutter was  obtained from THCKK & EAIA