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Questions on ordering please call or email me at

Old auger  drill no name $35.00 item #auger1 HOLD

Old drill for sale no marks item #auger2 $50.00 HOLD

Old drill for sale no name item #auger3 $35.00

Old drill for sale no name item #auger4 $35.00

Old drill for sale no name item #auger5 $45.00 HOLD

Old drill for sale no name item #auger6 $35.00

Old Millers Falls auger drill bit extension for sale  #mfauger7 $20.00
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Millers Falls brace has original Millers Falls Tools logo on handle in middle. No. 772-10in and Millers Falls Made in USA stamped on frame. Nice brace
item #MFbrace772 $75.00

Irwin bit set all are origianl except for the 9/16".
item #irwin12bitsetroll $85.00 HOLD

Stanley no. 49 Adjustable Bit Gauge with box. Box label is gone these look to have never been used. Item #Stbitgauge49-41 $30.00

Archimedes Drill no makers mark found tool measures approx. 26" when exteneded two cracks on wood where the chuck is otherwise sound.
item #arcdrill45 $50.00

Irwin solid center auger bit set with nice wooden box set has numbers 1-16 mint never used item #irwinbox49 $150.00

Made in Germany precision brad point woodbits sizes are:
 1/8", 3/16",1/4",5/16",3/8",7/16" and 1/2" item #gerbradpointset $15.75

Larson Brad point drill set

New Hand Countersink a handy tool for countersinking by hand. Perfect for use when a drill won't fit or you just have a couple of screws to countersink. This model is a very high quality and easy to control with a seven flute, 16mm countersink for exceptionally smooth countersink boring. The bit is mounted into a comfortable wooden handle for use by hand. Made by Stern of Austria. Overall lenght 6" countersink size 16mm Item #L5706100 $19.99

New Gimlet set quickly and easily drill holes without the use of an electric drill or hand brace. Especially useful for making a hole in a tight spot where a drill just won't fit, or perfect when you need a starter hole or two. Just press the thereaded tip of the gimlet down and rotate it clockwise into the wood by hand. Overall length is 5"-6" Made in France sizes are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Item #L5203099 $10.99 Gimlets are finished in all black. 

Irwin SpeedborSL Lock load wood boring drill bit

Irwin SpeedborSL lock-n-load quick change woodboring bit short length approx. 4 1/2" long
Sizes available:
1 1/2"-$2.99
Three Pack with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" $4.99

Irwin wood boring drill bits

Irwin Speedbor 2000SL wood boring bits
Short length 4 3/4" long
sizes available:
1/2", 5/8", 7/8", 1 1/4" $2.99 each
Irwin Speedbor 2000 approx. 6" long
sizes available:
1 1/4"-$3.99
1 1/2"-$4.99 

Irwin auger bit new in package 1/2" item #irwinauger12 $5.99
Irwin auger bit new in package 3/8" item #irwinauger38 $4.99

Irwin auger bit new in package 1/2"

Irwin auger bit new in package 3/8"

Irwin Forstner Bits reduced shank fits 3/8" and larger drills and drill presses starts the bit cleanly even on uneven surfaces. Application benefits of these bits are precise cutting of smooth, flat-bottomed (blind) holes with clean, sharp edges for fine woodworking and cabinetmaking.  

1/4" item #I42904 $11.45
3/8" item #I42906 $11.88
1/2" item #I42908 $13.99
5/8" item #I42910 $16.69
3/4" item #I42912 $17.82
7/8" item #I42914 $18.53
1"   item #I42916 $19.99
1-1/8" item #I42918 $23.88
1-1/4" item #I42920 $26.81
1-3/8" item #I42922 $28.06
1-1/2" item #I42924 $29.86
1-5/8" item #I42926 $33.34
1-3/4" item #I42928 $37.85
1-7/8" item #I42930 $42.37
2" item #I42932 $45.32
2 1/8" item #I42934 $52.61
4" Forstner Bit Extension item #I42936 $12.60

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Irwin American Tool Rotary masonry Bits

1/8"x3" item #I5026000 $2.43
3/16"x4" item #I5026002 $2.70
1/4"x4" item #I5026003 $2.82
5/16"x4" item #I5026006 $3.46
3/8"x4" item #I5026009 $3.61
7/16"x6" item #I5026012 $4.84
1/2"x6" item #I5026015 $5.11
5/8"x6" item #I5026019 $8.34
3/4"x6" item #I5026021 $10.26

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Irwin 16" Speedbor extra long flat bits patented micro groove cutting edge and spurs produce a smoother hole finish, double spur design scribes the hole before the chips are made, producing a cleaner hole and reducing vibration. Extra length provides added reach, not for use with bit extensions.

3/8"x16" item #I88706 $7.84
1/2"x16" item #I88708 $8.26
5/8"x16" item #I88710 $8.68
3/4"x16" item #I88712 $9.11
7/8"x16" item #I88714 $9.49
1"x16" item #I88716 $9.91