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Old Keen Kutter KF100 rafter square has the angle cuts for polygons nice KK mark. item #keenkutterkf100 $35.00

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Starrett #453 Die Makers 2 1/2" Square $39.99

Starrett #453 Die Makers Square

 Blue Grass Square
Tool has Blue Grass with the T5-BGFC100 number Tool has a copper type finish and is in mint condition also has a small paper that has directions on how to use the Carpenters Square. $19.99


Blue Grass T Square
Mint never used very large T Square. It has Blue Grass Hdw. & Tool Inc Lousville Ky No BG 482GS The Nations Standard of  Quality with the Blue Grass logo. It is 48" long and in mint condition and will be shipped in original box. $24.99



Blue Grass Square
Tool has Blue Grass with the T5-BG300M. Tool is in mint condition never used. $19.99


USA Square

Products Engineering 6" square with level Made in USA
Measures in 64ths, 32nds, 16ths and 8ths $19.99

New in package from the 1980's Millers Falls Deluxe Steel tape measure quick rewind with vinyl coated steel case number 3050c 50ft. item #mf3050c $14.99

Lufkin chalk line and reel combination. Comes with a four ounce bottle of blue chalk. Item #Lufchalkset $4.99

Empire made in USA Magnetic Polycast protractor magnetic base includes angle pitch calculator item #poprotractor $12.59 

Millers Falls small square with level and scribe square is in mint condition $39.99

 Blue Grass Square
Tool has Blue Grass with no number Louisville  Tool has a copper type finish and is in mint condition also has a small paper that has directions on how to use the Carpenters Square. $19.99


Rosewood Try square used for checking and marking 90 degree angles. This model has a tempered blade, and a brass face for protection against damage and wear. Steel rivets, surrounded by inlayed brass diamonds, securely hold the blade. 9" Inside capacity made in Sheffield, England Item #L6052260 $43.99 

New Rosewood sliding bevel adjustable to any angle, the blade is securely locked in place using a brass thumb lever. Used to transfer or measuring an angle. Tempered steel blade set in beautiful rosewood and brass handle. 7 1/2" blade Made in Sheffield, England. Item #L6053150 $28.49

This finely made small Level is based upon a traditional design having a full upper brass plate and brass tips on lower ends. The body of the level is made of the best quality rosewood. 6" long made in Sheffield, England
 Item #L6053506 $26.49
Robert Larson rosewood marking knife item #rwmarkknife $8.99

Robert Larson rosewood and brass sliding mortise gauge
 item #mortisegauge $42.50

Mortise and Marking gauge this tool has two functions: One side of the tool is used for general marking. It has one pin set in the tem for marking a single line parallel to the edge of a board. Loosen the knob, then adjust the head to the desired setting and tighten in place. Run the head along the edge of the board, with the point down, to scribe your line. The other side of the tool is used for marking mortises. It has two pins: one fixed in the tem, and the other on an adjustable brass bar. To use adjust the spacing between the two pins to the size of your mortise. Then adjust the head of the tool as described above. Has a solid beech body, steel points, and brass fittings. Inlaid brass strips on the head to prevent wear. Made in Sheffield England overall length is 7 1/2" inlayed brass wear plates item #L6051250 $29.49

American Tool Group 8 peice Carpenter pencil set. item #atgpencils $1.50

New marking Awl with its round ball handle and finely tapered blade, this marking awl is in a class of it's own. use for marking fine lines, centering points for drilling, piercing of softer materials, etc. The long blade allows for marking in tight spots. Beech handle with a 5" blade. Item #L6201200 $14.99

Center Finder particularly useful for wood turners, as well as any woodworker needing to quickly find the center of a piece of wood. This tool can be used to find the exact center of round, hexagonal and octagonal stock. Round stock capacity 8", Octagon stock capacity 8", Hexagon stock capacity 5 3/4", square stock capacity 8" Item #L8002875 OUT OF STOCK
Folding Rule made of well seasoned hardwood with brass joints. Accurately constructed with large, clear markings in inches. This traditional style tool has been used by generations of woodworkers made in Holland 3' length.
Item #L6501167 $14.49

Combination Square Set a shop grade square with endless uses in the woodshop and around the house. Set includes three heads on a 12" steel rule with marking in both inches and metric. Includes a 90 degree square and a 45 degree mitre gauge head a center finder and protractor made in England
 Item #L6304200 $45.69