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Questions on ordering please call or email me at

Stanley no. 12 Veneer Scraper Tool has No. 12 stamped on it with rosewood handles which are in good condition. Tool measures approx. 6 5/16"x3 7/16" has a Shapleigh blade. item #STscraper12 $225.00

Stanley no. 112 Cabinet Scraper Plane has a Stanley Sweetheart brass adjusting knob. Tool measures approx. 9" nice tote and knob
item #stanleyscraper112 $250.00

Stanley no. 113 Circular Plane tool has Stanley Rule & Level Co stamped on front handle and the no. 113 has  pat 8.03 stamped on scale blade has Stanley Pat apl 19,92 lever cap has the number 113 and a letter B lateral has Stanley written sideways. Item #stanley113-50 $175.00

Blade is marked James Cam Warranted cast steel there is a mark on the top very light hard to read  DR Barton plane measures approx. 13" long item #jamesCam-118 $150.00

Stanley no. 140 Rabbet and Block plane. Has patent on removable side of Pat NOV 6,94 blade has Stanley Rule & Level CO stamped on it no. 140 stamped on heal Stanley stamped on toe and the letter B stamped under levercap and base of plane. This plane is good only one small chip on lever cap owners initials stamped on one side plane please ask for pictures. item #stskew140-44 $150.00

New Pocket Plane a handy plane for small and light work. The cast iron body is 3 1/2" long with a 1" wide blade. The raised handle helps with control of the plane during use. Item #L5802200 $24.49

New Radius Plane the fastest and easiest way to radius the edge of your work. No need to set up a router, simply run this plane along the edge of your work for a perfect radius every time. Includes two blades, the first removes most of the material, while the second blade finishes the radius to a smooth finish. Wooden body two blade design item #L8255500 $15.99

New Anant Rebate Plane the main feature of a rebate plane is that the blade and body are the same width. This allows the plane to work right into the corner of a rabbet. this plane is also useful for light trimming. The mouth is adjustable with the use of shims (included). The front of the plane can be removed to convert the tool into a chisel plane.  1 1/2" blade

This plane is designed for the fine work where extreme accuracy is required. An improved adjustable mouth has been embodied in this plane, two steel distance pieces between the detachable nose and the body providing four different mouth adjustments for fine or coarse work.This plane can be converted to a chisel plane by removing the nose.The depth of cut is regulated by screw adjustment of the cut iron. The base and sides are accurately machined and bright finished and the plane may be used on either side. 


Body, Nose and Lever Cap : High grade cast iron.
Cut Iron : High Carbon Steel.

Stove enamelled ANANT blue. Base and sides of body ground and polished.
item #L8594400 $43.99

Stanley no. 62 low angle plane has Stanley stamped on toe and NO 62 on heal. Blade has Stanley New Britain Conn USA and adjusting nut stanley. Knob has no cracks tote has been repaired there are two small chips on throat please ask for pictures. Item #stanley62-53 SOLD

Stanley 75 item #st75-8 $40.00

Stanley 75 item #st75-13 $35.00

Never used no. 78 Duplex Rabbet & Fillester Plane made by Stanley. Has Made in England on plane. Everything is intact has two cutter seats, adjustable fence, rod, depth stop and spur. Item #Stdup78 $49.99