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Questions on ordering please call or email me at

Stanley Bailey no. 3 stamped on toe Made in USA behind frog Blade has Stanley in the rectangular logo Made in USA tote and knob no cracks japanning is good has a war time adjusting nut plane measures approx. 9"x2 3/16" blade is approx. 7 3/16"x1 3/4" item #st3-22 $60.00

Stanley Bailey no. 4 on toe made in USA stamped in front of tote. Plane measures approx. 9"x2 1/2" blade has Stanley with the rectangular logo made in USA measures approx. 7 5/16"x2" tote and knob are good no cracks.
item #st4-23 $60.00

Lakeside Smooth plane with box Montgomery Ward item #LSsm-9 $30.00

Stanley no. 35 blade has Stanley pat. APL 19,92 toe of plane has Stanley Rule & Level Co. No. 35 lever cap has the S stamp. tote and knob no cracks.
item #stanley35-117 $25.00

Stanley Defiance plane. Blade has Made in USA no. 1244 tote has Defiance By stanley stamped on it. item #defiance-106 $25.00

Only markings is Made in USA on blade item #usaplane-105 $20.00  

Sargent & Co. no 3410 stamped on toe blade has Sargent Co. USA New Haven CT. stamped on it. plane measures approx. 8 1/8" long item #sargent3410-131 $50.00

Bailey Stanley Rule & Level Co. No. 26 stamped on toe blade has Stanley Pat APL 19,92 item #stanley26-126 $35.00

Wooden plane has no markings on wood but metal parts have Bailey there is a Stanley sweetheart blade which I am sure is not original tote is broken
 item #Baileywood-125 $25.00

Stanley Bailey no. 5 plane with box which has been taped all over has a small paper that says read this before you use stanley planes. Plane is good varnish on tote is crackled but no breaks in tote
 item #stanleyfive-124 $125.00

New Anant Smoothing Plane primarily designed to smooth stock that has already been flattened, the handy 2-7/16" wide by 9-7/8" long body makes this plane useful for a variety of other purposes as well. Sometimes referred to simply as a number four plane. 2" wide blade wooden handles made in India

The cut irons in all ANANT Adjustable Planes are made of high Carbon Steel.The cut iron is hardened and tempered under scientific control ensuring accuracy and uniformity. It is precision ground all over, and is tested and guaranteed to be the right temper.The body is ribbed to ensure strength and rigidity. The machined faces of the frog bed firmly on to similar machined faces on the body and are securely fastened in position by two frog screws which in effect makes the frog solid with the body and prevents chattering.The parts for adjusting the cut iron accurately made to give very fine adjustment.
The handle and knob are of selected hardwood/ high quality plastic and are fastened to the body by steel studs with steel cap nuts.

Body, Frog and Lever Cap : High grade cast iron.
Cut Iron :  High Carbon Steel
Cap Iron : Best quality steel.
Handle and Knob :  Selected hardwood/ high quality Plastic.
Body and Frog : Stove enamelled ANANT blue. Base and sides of body ground and polished.
Lever Cap :   Plated.
Item #L8951400 $28.99

Millers Falls jack plane 14-C corrugated item #mf14c-12 $35.00

Ohio Tool Co Cast Steel Warranted stamped on blade no markings on plane has a hang hole drilled in it. item #ohiotool-123 $35.00

Wooden part of plane has no makers marks just the initials of BV on toe. blade is a sweetheart so we know that isn't original Bailey is on the steel frame towards the toe item #bailey-132 $25.00

Stanley no. 135 wooden plane has Stanley Rule & Level Co. no. 135 stamped on toe and Stanley Pat Apl 19,92 on blade has the liberty bell lever cap castings have the letter B on them. item #Stanleybell-129 $35.00

No markings on wood I beleive this is a Rich-Con hard to see mark on blade.
 item #richconwood-127 $25.00

Stanley Bailey no. 5 corrugated. Blade has the Stanley rectangular logo. Handles are good. item #stanley5c-100 $75.00

Stanley Bailey no. 5 blade has the Stanley rectangular logo. Tote has been repaired nice tight fix. item #stanley5-101 $50.00

Stanley Bailey no. 4 blade War style has the plastic type adjustment knob. Tote has been repaired. item #stanley4-104 $60.00 

Stanley Bailey no. 4 corrugated tote has been repaired
item #stanley4c-103 $50.00

Early Stanley no. 4 tote has been repaired item #stanley4-102 $50.00

Stanley no. 3 corrugated tote has been repaired item #stanley3c-107 $60.00

Stanley no. 24 wooden plane Has the real old logo on toe of the eagle Stanley Rule & Level Co. New Britain Conn 24 blade holder has L. Baileys Patent Dec 24 1867 You can barely see the Stanley mark on the blade patent information also on the brass adjusting nut. item #stanley24-130 $50.00

Plane is unmarked but blade has Humphreysville Mfg. Co stamped on it.
item #humphrey-133 $25.00

Plane has Scioto works stamped on end of toe blade is Ohio Tool Co. item #ohioplane-134 $35.00

Plane has Scioto works stamped on end of toe and S.K. Logan
 item #ohioplane-135 $25.00

Sargent & Co. no 3415 stamped on toe blade has Sargent Co. USA New Haven CT. stamped on it lateral adjustment has Pat Feb 3-91 item #sargent3415 $50.00