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Arkansas Combination Stone always sharpen a tool starting with a coarse and then fine stone. This is the perfect combination of two natural Arkansas stones, which are glued together to make a reversible stone with two working surfaces. Comes in a fitted cedar box for storage a real workhorse!.Measures 2"x6"x5/8"
Item #L3401500 $29.49

Arkansas Two stone set includes a hard Arkansas stone 1"x3"x1/4" and a soft Arkansas stone 1 3/4"x4 1/4"x3/8" and a three ounce bottle of honing oil. This is a perfect sharpening set for teh pocketknives and all small tools.
Item #L3402500 $18.49 

Honing Guide sharpen both chisels and plane irons with an accuracy that is difficult to emulate by hand. the sharpening angle is determined by the distance which the tool extends from the guide. References to various angles are permanently mared on the tool. For example to sharpen a plane iron at a twenty five degree angle, project the iron 50mm from the edge of the wider jaws. To sharpen a wood chisel to twenty five degrees, one use the narrow jaws, projecting the chisel 40mm from the edge of the guide. 3" capacity item #L8001800 $7.99 

Honing Oil this lightweight oil is especially formulated for use on all Arkansas and man made oil stones. Lifts particles of metal generated in teh sharpening process off the stone surface to keep the stone from becoming clogged three ounce bottle. Item #L3402600 $3.89

Japanese 800 grit water stone 2 5/8" wide x 8 1/4" long x 1 5/16" thick.
Item #L7050800 $23.99

 Japanese 1200 grit water stone 2 5/8" wide x 8 1/4" long x 1 5/16" thick.
Item #L7051200 $25.49

 Japanese 6000 grit water stone 2 7/16" wide x 7 1/4" long x 3/4" thick.
Item #L7050800 $27.49

Square Medium India 4x1/4" file number MF14 upc 61463686070 $5.89

4x1/4" India Medium Square File MF14

Square Fine India 4x1/4" file number FF14 upc 61463686065 $5.89

4x1/4" India Fine Square File FF14

Square Medium India 4x3/8" file number MF34 upc 61463686085 $5.99

4x3/8" India Medium Square File MF34

Square Fine India 4x3/8" file number FF34 upc 61463686080 $5.99

4x3/8" India Fine Square File FF34

Square Medium India 4x1/2" file number MF44 upc 61463686100 $5.99

4x1/2" India medium Square File MF44

Square Fine India 4x1/2" file number FF44 upc 61463686095 $5.99

4x1/2" India Fine Square File FF44

Round medium India measures 4x1/4" number MF214 upc 61463686475 $9.49

4x1/4" India Medium Round File MF214
Norton India Medium Round Sharpening stone

Round Fine India measures 4x1/4" number FF214 upc 61463686470 $9.49

4x1/4" India Fine Round File FF214

Round medium India measures 4x3/8" number MF234 upc 61463686490 $10.19

4x3/8" India Medium Round File MF234

Round Fine India measures 4x3/8" numberFF234 upc 61463686485 $10.19

4x3/8" India Fine Round File FF234

Round medium India measures 4x1/2" number MF244 upc 61463686505 $10.59

4x1/2" India Medium Round File MF244

Round Fine India measures 4x1/2" number FF244 upc 61463686500 $10.59

4x1/2" India Fine Round File FF244

Round tapered medium India measures 4x1/2x1/4" number MF644 upc 61463686655 $12.39

4x1/2x1/4" India Medium Tapered Round File MF644

Round tapered fine India measures 4x1/2x1/4" number FF644 upc 61463686650 $12.39

4x1/2x1/4" India Fine Tapered Round File FF644

Half Round medium India measures 4x3/8" number MF334 upc 61463686385 $8.19

4x3/8" Meidum India Half round file MF334
Norton Medium India Half round sharpening stone

Soft Arkansas Penkinfe Piece oil stone Extra Fine Grit measures 4x1x3/8" number SB14 upc 61463687565

4x1x3/8" Extra Fine Soft Arkansas Penknife Piece

SB14 Single Grit Benchstone

Combination Grit Bench stone India Fine grit and Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine Grit measures 7x2x1" with box number HIB27 upc 61463685865

7x2x1" Combination Bench Stone Fine Ultra Fine

HIB27 India Hard Arkansas

Norton Combination Hard Arkansas India sharpening

Round Edge Slip ultra fine hard Arkansas measures
3x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" number HS3 upc 61463687040 $29.99

3x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas

Round Edge Slip File HS3

 Round Edge Slip medium India measures
4x1-7/16x3/16" number MS14 upc 61463687140 $8.39

4x1x7/16x3/16" India Medium Round Edge Slip MS14

Round Edge Slip fine India measures 4x1x7/16x3/16" number FS14 upc 61463687135 $8.39

4x1x7/16x3/16" India Fine Round Edge Slip FS14

Round Edge Slip ultra fine hard Arkansas measures
 4x1-1/4x1/4x1/8" number HS14 upc 61463687050 $24.99

4x1-1/4x1/4x1/8 Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas Slip HS14

Round Edge Slip extra fine soft Arkansas measures
4x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" number SS4 upc 61463687055 $13.99

4x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" Extra Fine Soft Arkansas

Round Edge Slip File SS4

Round Edge Slip medium India measures
 4-1/2x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" number MS24 upc 61463687150 $9.59

4-1/2x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" India Medium Round Slip MS24

 Round Edge Slip Fine India measures
 4-1/2x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" number FS24 upc 61463687145

4-1/2x1-3/4x1/4x1/16" India Fine Round Slip FS24
Norton India Fine Round sharpening slip stone

 Round Edge Slip medium India measures
 4-1/2x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" number MS34 upc 61463687165

4-1/2x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" India medium Round Slip MS34
Norton India Medium Round sharpening slip stone

 Round Edge Slip medium India measures
 4-1/2x1-3/4x1/2x3/16" number MS44 upc 61463687180

4-1/2x1-3/4x1/2x3/16" India Medium Round Slip MS44
Norton India Medium round sharpening slip stone

 Round Edge Slip fine India measures
 4-1/2x1-3/4x1/2x3/16" number FS44 upc 61463687175

4-1/2x1-3/4x1/2x3/16" India Fine round slip FS44
Norton India Fine round edge sharpening slip stone

 Round Edge Slip ultra fine hard Arkansas measures
4x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" number HS4 upc 61463687045 $68.99

4x1-3/4x3/8x1/8" Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas HS4

 INDIA� and CRYSTOLON� are considered to be the mainstays of the marketplace and are priced accordingly. Norton INDIA stones are orange in color. CRYSTOLON stones are gray. Combination stones have different grit sizes on each side of stone (ie. fine/coarse). Generally, the largest stone affordable is the best option for straight edge sharpening as it allows use of full surface for wider tools. For tools with curves or angles, there are specific products with special shapes for sharpening. Diamond stones may be used wet or dry. All other stones should be used with water or, preferably, Norton sharpening stone oil. Proper stone lubrication floats away metal and abrasive dust particles during sharpening that would otherwise clog up the stone & ultimately render it useless.

Benchstone Sharpening Station Coarse/Medium/Fine 3-in-1 Tool and knife sharpener measures 6x2x1/2" comes with 4 1/2 ounce can of oil number IM100 upc 61463685356

6x2x1 1/2" Benchstone Sharpening Station

IM100 Coarse, Medium & Fine 3 in 1

Norton 4 1/2 ounce can of sharpening oil number XB1 upc 61463687760 $4.99

Norton 4 1/2 ounce Can Oil XB1

Triangular Medium India measures 4x1/4" number MF114 upc 61463686235 $7.59

4x1/4" India Medium Triangular file MF114

Triangular Fine India measures 4x1/4" number FF114 upc 61463686230 $7.59

4x1/4" India Fine Triangular file FF114

Triangular Fine India measures 4x3/8" number FF134 upc 61463686245 $8.29

4x3/8" India Fine Triangular file FF134

Triangular Medium India measures 4x3/8" number MF134 upc 61463686250 $8.29

4x3/8" India Medium Triangular File MF134
Norton India Medium Triangular sharpening stone

Triangular medium India measures 4x1/2" number MF144 upc 61463686265 $8.49

4x1/2" India Medium triangular File MF144

Triangular Fine India measures 4x3/8" number FF144 upc 61463686260 $8.49

4x1/2" India Fine Triangular File FF144
Norton India Fine Triangular sharpening stone

Triangular taper medium India measures 4x1/2x1/4" number MF544 upc 61463686685 $12.29

4x1/2x1/4" India Medium Taper Triangle File MF544

Triangular taper Fine India measures 4x1/2x1/4" number FF544 upc 61463686680 $12.29

4x1/2x1/4" India Fine Taper Triangle File FF544

Pointed Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x1/4" base number HF863 upc 61463686825 $26.99

3x1/4" Base Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas
Norton  Fine  Arkansas Pointed sharpening stone
Pointed File HF863

Pointed medium India measures 3x5/16" base number MF723 upc 61463686745 $13.99

3x5/16" India Medium Pointed File MF723
Norton India Medium Pointed sharpening stone

Pointed Fine India measures 3x5/16" base number FF723 upc 61463686740 $13.99

3x5/16" Base India Fine Pointed File FF723

Diamond Shaped Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x1/2x3/16 number HF843 upc 61463686815 $26.99

3x1/2x3/16" Hard Arkansas Diamond Shaped

Ultra Fine HF843

Diamond Shaped medium India measures 4x9/16x3/16 number MT134 upc 61463686715 $13.99

4x9/16x3/16" India Medium Diamond Shaped File


Diamond Shaped Fine India measures 4x9/16x3/16 number FT134 upc 61463686710 $13.99

4x9/16x3/16" India Fine Diamond Shaped FT134

Knife Blade Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x3/4x1/8" number HF873 upc 61463686830 $24.49

3x3/4x1/8" Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas Knife Blade


Knife Blade medium India measures 4x1x1/8" back number MF724 upc 61463686775 $10.79

4x1x1/8" Back India Medium Knife Blade MF724

Knife Blade Fine India measures 4x1x1/8" back number FF724 upc 61463686770 $10.79

4x1x1/8" Back India Fine knife blade FF724

Bevel Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x3/8x1/8" number HF833 upc 61463686810 $14.99

3x3/8x1/8" Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas Bevel HF833

Flat Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x3/8x1/8" number HF823 upc 61463686805 $22.99

3x3/8x1/8 Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas Flat File HF823

Oval Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas measures 3x1/2x3/16" number HF853 upc 61463686820 $22.99

3x1/2x3/16" Ultra Fine Hard Arkansas Oval HF853
Norton Fine Hard Arkansas Oval sharpening stone

Carving Tool Slip Ultra fine hard Arkansas measures
2-1/4x7/8x3/16" number AS22 upc 61463687255 $13.39

2-1/4x7/8x3/16" Hard Arkansas Ultra Fine

Carving Tool Slip AS22

Carving Tool Slip Ultra fine hard Arkansas measures
 2-1/4x7/8x3/16" number AS42 upc 61463687265 $13.39

Norton Hard Arkansas Carving tool slip stone

Gouge Sharpening Stone Fine India measures
6x2x1x1/2x3/8" number FS76 upc 61463687305 $23.99

6x2x1x1/2x3/8" India Fine Gouge stone FS76

Norton India Fine Gouge sharpening stone

Scythestone aluminum oxide measures 10x1-5/16x3/4"
number TD1 upc 61463687715 $6.19

10x1-5/16x3/4" Aluminum Oxide Scythestone TD1
Norton Aluminum Oxide Scythe sharpening stone

Tradesman Utility Stone crystolon combination grit measures 14 3/4" overall number JT930 upc 61463687675 $11.95

10x1-1/4x3/4" Silicon Carbide Utility Stone JT910

Garden Tool Sharpener silicon carbide measures
 9-1/2x1-3/8x1/2" number JT911 upc 61463687746 $7.99

9-1/2x1-3/8x1/2" Silicon Carbide Tool sharpener


 Silversmith Stone medium India measures 4x1/2x1/4x5/16x1/8" number MF474 upc 61463687000

4x1/2x1/4x5/16x1/8" India Medium Silversmith MF474
Norton India Medium Silversmith sharpening stone

All Tool and knife sharpening stone aluminum oxide measures 6x2x3/4" number UPB6 upc 07660787933 $7.49

6x2x3/4" Aluminum Oxide Tool Knife sharpener UPB6

Yankee Clipper sharpening stone aluminum Oxide measures 6-1/2x1-3/4x3/4" number APB6 upc 61463685805 $6.49

6-1/2x1-3/4x3/4 Aluminum Oxide Yankee Clipper APB6

Silversmith Stone medium India measures 4x5/16x3/16x5/16x1/16" number MF414 upc 61463686855

4x5/16x3/16x5/16x1/16" India Medium
Norton India Medium Silversmith stone
Silversmith stone file MF414

 Silversmith Stone medium India measures 4x1/2x1/16" number MF444 upc 61463686960

4x1/2x1/16" Inidia Medium Sliversmith file MF444