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Click on this link for more knives by Old Timer and Schrade

Click on this link for Case & Buck Knives for Sale

All John Primble Belknap knives on red velvet are mint and are $150 each I do have the John primble display case these knives came in so if one was to buy them all would include it also.

John Primble Belknap knives

John Primble Belknap 5514

John Primble Belknap 5380S

John Primble Belknap 5373S

John Primble Belknap 4992S

John Primble Belknap 4827

John Primble Belknap 4216

John Primble Belknap 3408

John Primble Belknap 3258

John Primble Belknap 3218

John Primble Belknap 2478

John Primble Belknap 5922S

John Primble Belknap 5731S

Gerber marked Taiwan measures approx. 4" closed has belt clip single locking blade item #gerber1 $19.99 

Gerber marked Taiwan measures approx. 4" closed has belt clip single locking blade item #gerber2 $19.99 

Gerber Portland OR USA measures approx. 3 11/16" closedl single locking blade
 item #gerber3 $19.99

Gerber marked Taiwan measures approx. 4" closed has belt clip single locking blade item #gerber4 $19.99 

3 Gerber AUS-6 marked US patent made in Taiwan measure approx. 3" closed have belt clips item #gerber5 $19.99 each

Gerber marked China measures approx. 3" closed single locking blade
item #gerber6 $19.99

Gerber marked Taiwan measures approx. 3 3/8" closed single locking blade
 item #gerber7 $19.99 

Gerber USA three blade knife measures approx. 3 5/16" closed
 item #gerber8 $19.99

2 Gerber Portland OR one has LL beam on side measure approx. 2 11/16" item #gerber9 $12.99

Gerber USA 200 measures approx. 2 1/16" closed item #gerber10 $9.99

New 15 in 1 Professional knife stainless steel blade mirror polished, has wood saw, fish scaler and hook remover, spring loaded scissors, bottle and can opener, key ring, bottle opener and screwdriver, corkscrew, nail puller, nail file and cleaner, phillips screwdriver. Made in China item #15in1knife $4.99

New chicago tools of illinois all purpose knife with pouch China
item #ctoolsall $4.99

New chicago tools of illinois knife

Stanley folding work knife. It has a stainless steel blade with 1/2" serrated edge for extra cutting power. Measures 4 1/4" closed. Made in Italy. $6.00

Stanley Folding Work Knife
Stanley Folding work knife

Purina knife by Kutmaster Utica NY has two blades measures approx. 3 1/8" closed item #purina3 $20.00

Belknap  Commemorative Knife
never been sharpened has the saw emblem and Blue Grass logo on both handles longest blade has the Blue Grass logo number 2580 on one side and BG-3 John Primble Louisville Kentucky on the other.  #bgknife1 $85.00

Blue Grass Belknap is worn can hardly see on shank 5722 two blade knife has been worn but still good item #bgknife2 $35.00 

Belknap Blue Grass 5722 two blade knife item #bgknife3 $30.00

Ranger Colonial Prov USA three blade approx 2 3/4" closed item #ranger1 $14.99

Craftsman three blade measures approx. 3 1/4" closed item #craft1 $14.99

No name on this Deer handle picture knife has three blades measures approx.
3 1/4" closed item #nnd1 $9.99