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Stanley no. 51 spoke shave item #ssh1 $19.99

No name on this spoke shave measures approx. 9 3/16" long item #ssh2 $19.99 

Sears Dunlap spoke shave item #ssh3 $19.99

Made in USA spoke shave like Stanley 51 item #ssh4 $19.99

Stanley no. 82 Scraper has US patent 29-07 on underside comes with blade that has been fixed on one side for curves. item #stanleyscraper-136 $40.00

Allway scraper blades two in a pack four edge 2 1/2" made in USA
item #scrabla $2.99

New Record round face spokeshave item #a151record $27.99 


The book above is a wonderful tool for any antique tool collector or dealer.  Manufactured And Patented Spokeshaves, by Thomas C. Lamond. 442 Pages. Clothbound.  The result of more than 20 years of research and collecting. Beginning with an introduction to the early history of spokeshaves and the evolution of the technology of those tools and proceeding through a topical analysis, chapter by chapter, of the various types of shaves and their use in specialized crafts It is, however, much more than just a history of spokeshaves. In identifying hundreds of obscure manufacturers in every corner of this country, and carefully researching their working dates, the author has assembled a portait of the development of American entrerprise from the focal point of these fascinating tools. Thoroughly indexed, copiously illustrated in color and black & white and filled with all manner of useful and entertaining information, this work deserves a place on the bookshelf of every serious collector

New Shavehook Set has a comfortable wood handle, well balanced design, and quality steel blades of this shavehook wil lmake the job easier and faster. Comes with handle, three blades and wrench. Blades are quickly and easily changed. Made in Germany shavehooks are extraordinarily useful tools in the shop and around home. Whether you are scraping off dried glue in a new project or paint that was applied a hundred years ago. Item #L6201450 $18.99

New Two Cherries Standard Cabinet Scraper a high quality, rectangular shaped, cabinet scraper. 2 3/8"x5 7/8" Thickness 0.06mm item #L5205750  $4.99

New Two Cherries Professional Cabinet Scraper standard rectangular shape, but with most of the preparation already done by the factory, allowing you to get right to work. Just burnish the edge and you're ready to go! 2 3/8"x5 7/8"
thickness 0.08mm item #L5205750 $9.99

New Two Cherries Set of three Scrapers. The set provides nearly every curve or angle you will ever need in your shop. Includes rectangle 2 3/8"x5 7/8", curved end 2 3/8"x6 1/2"and gooseneck 3"x4 3/4" styles. All are 0.8mm thick. item #L5205510 $17.49 

New Two Cherries Burnisher used in the final step of preparing a cabinet scraper for use. The turning of the wire edge. This versatile oval shaped burnisher can be used for a variety of cabinet scraper shapes. Overall length 9 1/2"
steel length is 5" item #L5205080 $26.49

Flat bototm spokeshave is used for work on flat or convex work made in Germany 2" blade 9 1/2" overall length quality steel blade and two adjustment knobs for precise tuning and setting of the blade. Item #L5801050 $22.49

Round bottom Spokeshave is used for following or smoothing slightly convex or convex surfaces made in Germany 2" blade with a 9 1/2" overall length quality steel blade and have two adjustment knobs for precise tuning and setting of the blade. Item #L5801050 $22.49