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Building Outdoor Projects

item #320

The Backyard Bulder's Book of Outdoor Building Projects copyright 1987. Hardback cover is stained but no marks or dogears throughout the book with 499 pages. Contents are: Outdoor bulding techniques, barbecue centers-cart, pit with penches, center,beverage cart. Children's projects-pony swing, covered sandbox, lawn furniture, play structure. Decks-with benches, over garage deck,  bi level deck, family sized deck. Fences-saddleback, lattice, lattice topped, trellis. Furniture projects-porch swing, rustic furniture set, chaise lounge, shaded love seat, roll up table, adirondack furniture, oak folding chair, picnic table and bench, patio dining set, patio furniture set, traditional park bench, round picnic table. Gazebos-lattice, angular, trellis,traditional gazebo. hot tub installations, lawn and garden projects, outbuildings, projects for bird lovers. Lots more not listed.
$5.00 + shipping item #320

Guitar Repair

item #321

Guitar Repair a manual of repair for guitars and fretted instruments by Irving Sloane copyright 1973. Hardback no dogears or marks 95 pages. Contents: introduction, work area, wood, supplies, glue, tools, humidity, warped neck, action and bussing, refretting, cracks, separated cracks, fractures, loose braces, removing top and back, seam seperation, bindings, bridge, bellying of top, pick guards, restoration techniques for antique instruments, supply sources.  
$8.00 + shipping item #321 

How to work with tools and wood

item #322

How to Work With Tools and Wood copyright 1965 by Stanley Tools. Paperback containing 488 pages. Small tear on front cover and ware on back cover all pages no dog ears or marks. Contents are: anyone can work with tools and wood, first tools first, acheiving skill with your tools, from plan to product, finishing up the project, choosing the wood, about putting pieces together, holding the pieces together, sharpening the tools, some fancy tocuhes, protable power tools, the energy savers, the portable drill, power saws, portable power sanders, the router, the matter of safety, the finishing process, this will be a bench, things around the house, two basic techiniques, working drawings for 37 things to build.
$5.00 + shipping item #322

Exploring Woodworking

item #323

Exploring woodworking basic fundamentals by Fred Zimmerman. Hardback containing 208 pages previous text book school stamp in front of book no other marks. Copyright 1981 some musk smell. Contents are: woods, planning, general safety, laying out, sawing, boring and drilling, filing carving and chiseling, planing, wood joints shaping and routing, wood turning, using metal fasteners, gluing and clamping, sanding, wood finishing, hardware, upholstery, business experience activity,  careers in woodworking industries, projects, dictionary of terms.
$8.00 + shipping item #323

Belknap Current Prices Dealer catalog 1975

item #324

Belknap Blue Grass 2-21-75 Current Prices Belknap Dealer Catalog. Paperback 312 pages. No dog ears or marks cover slight wear on front cover no rips or tears.
$10.00 + shipping item #324

Belknap Department 7 Catalog

item #325

Belknap Blue Grass Department 7 number 1172 Catalog. Paperback cover slight wear last three pages small tear on bottom of pages. Contents: Paints, paint brushes, paint sundries, luggage, wheel goods. Hundreds of  illustrations from bibles to toys.
$10.00 + shipping item #325

Working with Hand Tools

item #326

Working with Hand Tools by Harry Hobbs. Paperback copyright 1960 with 121 pages. Tear at spines top but still intact no other rips, marks or dog ears wear to cover. Contents are: Fun in workshop, making room for the workshop, tools you need, use and care of tools, what to make, how to identify popular woods, how to finish wood, home projects, modern coffee table, hanging shelf, pen holder, Priscilla sewing cabinet, armchair lapboard, toy box, tool box, wall rack, wardrobe cabinet, how to modernize old style bath tub, build a bookcase to fit your space, how to utilize silhouette designs.
 $3.00 + shipping item #326

Cabinet Making and Millwork

item #327

Cabinetmaking and Millwork by John Feirer. Hardback with 928 pages copyright 1970. Slip cover has some shelf wear yellow highlighting on some pages no dog ears slight musk smell. Contents are:cabinet making the key to all woodworking, furniture designs, designing furniture and cabinets, safety and housekeeping, materials and layouts, wood its nature and properties, kinds of woods, fine furniture woods, plywood, hardboard and particle board, millwork including molding, fasterners, hardware, glass and mirrors, machine made cane webbing, ordering lumber and ogther materials, reading prints and making sketches, material needs, planning and estimating, marking a layout, tools and machines, layout measuring and checking devices, sawing tools, edge cutting tools, drilling and boring tools, metal working tools, tool and machine maintenance, planer or surfacer, circular of variety saw, radial arm saw, band saw, jig or scroll saw, portable saws and planes, jointer, shaper, routers, drilling and boring machines, mortiser and tenoner, sanding machines and coated abbrasives, wood lathe, construction, basic construction problems, cabinet making joints, gluing and clamping, bending and laminatin, vennerring and inlaying, plastic laminates, frame and panel construction, cabinet and furniture doors, drawers and drawer guides, shelves and cabinet interiors, legs and posts, leg and rail construction, table and cabinet tops, basic casework, fine furniture cabinetwork, kitchen cabinets, paneling, built ins including room dividers, finishing, preparation for finishing, finishing equipment and supplies, finishing procedures, staining, fillings, distressing glazing and other overtone treatments, protective coatings, interior finishing, industrial production, production equipment, woodworking manufacturing, store office and instituional fixtures. LOTS AND LOTS of color illustrations this book has everything you wanted to know about woodworking.
$25.00 + shipping item #327

Basic Home Carpentry

item #328

Basic Home Carpentry a wise book. Hardback copyright 1952 with 304 pages no marks or dogears, slip cover slightly worn. Contents are: Buy good tools, the hammer, hammer weights, clinching, toenailing, the nail set, mallet, hatchet, wrecking bar, saws, hand saw, points, compass keyhole saw, planes, using a plane, back plane, rabbet adn dado planes, chisels, gouges, pocketknife, woodworking abrasives, garnet paper, hand sanding, sand with grain, files using a file, cabinet scraper and burnisher, scraper, boring, auger bits, brace, coutersink bit, screwdirvers, using a screwdriver, sharpening cutting tools, filing cross cut saw teeth, filing rip saw teeth, jointing a saw, sharpening plane irons and chisels, silicon carbide, gouges with bevels, pocketknives, burnisher, grinding wheels, squares, try squrare, combination square, rules marking gauge, doweling jig and centers, carpenters level plumb bob and line. USE of fasteners nails kind of neails , corrugated nail, clamp nail, screws and lag screws, use of fasterners, expansion anchors, bolts, toggle bolts glues, synthetic glues, clamps, miscellaneous fasteners, catches, hinges. Lumber native softwoods hardwoods, sawing logs, grades of lumber, machining lumber, a board foot, moldings, Plywood grain effects, rotary cut, flat sliced, quarter sliced, grades of plywood, striated surface, laminated and lumber cores, uses. Wood Joints, dadoes, miter joints,dovetail joints, dowel joint. Protect your tool investment, how your home is built,home improvements, painting and finishing.
  $15.00 + shipping item #328