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Stanley Block Planes


All Stanley block planes except Numbers 9 � And 118, Have an adjustable throat, which permits the mouth to be quickly opened or closed for course or fine work. Bottom and sides our ground Smooth and true.  Handy Grips make it easy to hold the plane. 


Regular block planes

The cutter rests on its seat at an angle of 20�.  Cutter adjustments are provided for regulating evenness and thickness of shavings.  Numbers eighteen and nineteen have steel knuckle joint lever cap which snaps into position and holds the cutter firmly. Some planes are available in Japanned or nickel plated trimmings.


Low angle block planes

With these planes, the cutter rests on its seat at an angle of 12�, making it easier to plane across the grain on hardwoods.  Cutter is adjustable for thickness of shavings. 


Japanned Trimmings regular block planes

Number 9 �--6in. long 1 5/8 in. cutter

Number 9 �-- 6in. long 1 5/8in. cutter

Number 15--7in. long 1 5/8in. cutter


Nickel plated trimmings

Number 18--6in. long 1 5/8in. cutter

Number 19--7in. long 1 5/8in. cutter


Low angle Block planes

Japanned trimmings

Number 60 �--6in. long 1 3/8in. cutter

Number 65 �-- 7in. long 1 5/8in. cutter


Nickel plated trimmings

Number 60--6in. long 1 3/8in. Cutter


Knuckle joint lever nickel plated trimmings

Number 65--7in. long 1 5/8in. Cutter

All steel "boy-proof" plane!  Practically unbreakable.  Made up of three separate units : cap, cutter and bottom complete with adjustment locked in place . Cutter adjustment locked in simple replacement , eliminates thread stripping and cannot be lost once assembled in plane.  lever cap thumb screw not removable; finger rest riveted in position on plane bottom.
Number 118 --6in. long 1 5/8in. cutter 

Stanley Block Planes

These tools are recommended for all ordinary work that does not require that the plane be frequently adjusted. Bottoms are machined smooth and true. Baked, black Japanned finish.



Small light planes handy for odds and ends of light work.

Number 100 handled 3 1/2in. long 1in. cutter

Number 101 no handle 3 1/2in long 1in. cutter


Model Makers

Specially designed for model makers, violin makers pattern makers. Bottom is curved in both directions.7/8in. radius on the width and 12 in radius on the length.

Number 100 �--3 � in. long 1in. cutter


Light serviceable block plane

Number 102--5 1/2in. long 1 3/8in. cutter


Most popular of all non-adjustable plane. Nickel plated lever cap. Hardwood knob.

Number 110--7in. long 1 5/8in cutter.


Adjustable block planes

Cutter is adjustable for thickness of shaving by means of a lever.  Number 103 has a boss cast in the front of the plane for a finger rest, and the sides are japanned. Number 120 has a hardwood knob instead of the boss, and the sides are milled and ground.

Number 103--5 1/2in. long 1 3/8in cutter

Number 120--7in. long 1 5/8in. cutter.


Popular planes at an intermediate price. Cutter is adjustable for thickness by means of a steel screw. Bottom and sides are milled and ground. Hardwood knob.

Number 203--5 1/2in. long 1 3/8in. cutter

Number 220--7in. long 1 5/8in cutter