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Stanley Company History
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The Stanley Works Tack Shop and employees 1880



Fredrick T. Stanley 1852 founder of Stanley Works



As a young man in 1843, Frederick T. Stanley founded The Stanley Works -- a small company that manufactured hinges, bolts and other door hardware in a one-story wooden building in New Britain, Connecticut. His vision was to create a hardware company with unsurpassed customer service, product innovation and integrity -- and to offer products that would become the first choice among professionals around the world. With the early success of this mission and an increasing demand for his high-quality goods, Mr. Stanley began exporting his products in the 1870s.

Shortly after the turn of the century, his rapidly growing business established its first production facilities outside the U.S., helping Frederick Stanley begin to realize his worldwide mission. Soon after, The Stanley Works expanded its international operations by acquiring Stanley Rule and Level, the largest U.S. manufacturers of hand tools, founded in 1857 by a relative of Mr. Stanley. By 1920, Stanley� brand tools and hardware were preferred, and could be found, on every continent.

Today, over 150 years after Frederick T. Stanley first opened his doors for business, Stanley� is one of the worlds most recognized and trusted brand names for tools, hardware, doors and home decor products. Staying true to Mr. Stanleys principles, The Stanley Works continues with expansion and diversification, offering over 50,000 different products for professionals, industry and consumers.

Stanleys 1998 sales exceeded $2.72 billion and its global presence is firmly established with 114 manufacturing and distribution facilities covering every major region of the world. Stanley products are sold globally through distributors and retailers, including thousands of retailers in the U.S. alone.

The Stanley Works is a global manufacturer and marketer of tools, hardware, doors and home decor products for professional, industrial, consumer and home improvement use. With a solid 156 year history, Stanley� is one of the worlds most trusted names, synonymous with quality and value -- and is consistently the first choice among professionals.

Our commitment to professionals goes well beyond providing a comprehensive line of world-class, professional-grade, industry-specific products Stanley encourages and enables every professional to maximize performance to do his or her best on every job through continuous product innovation and strong product support.

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Stanley modern Defiance numbering system
  1. Awl=1201
  2. Awl=1202
  3. Bevel=1225
  4. Bit brace 10 in.=1250
  5. Bit brace 10 in.=1253
  6. Bit extension 18 in.=1263
  7. Bits � in. to 3/8 in.=1226
  8. chisel �,1/2,3/4,1,1 1/2 in.=1251
  9. chisel 3/8,1/2,3/4,1,1 �,1 � in.=1252
  10. Cold chisel 3/8,1/2,3/4 in.=74
  11. Drill=1214=1217=1220
  12. Drill point set=600
  13. Hammer 16 oz.=101 � =111 �=121 �=211 �
  14. Hammer 7 oz.=213
  15. Hammer ball pein 16 oz.=0310
  16. Hatchet=122
  17. Ice pick=1274
  18. knives=1299
  19. Blades=1991
  20. Level 24 in.=1297
  21. Line level=1287
  22. Torpedo level=1293
  23. Level 18 and 24 in.=1294
  24. Level 28 in.=1295
  25. Nail set � to 3/32 in.=1211
  26. Plane=1203
  27. Plane=1204
  28. Plane=1205
  29. Block plane=1247
  30. Block plane=1248
  31. Block plane=1220
  32. Plane=1243
  33. Center punch �-1/8 in.=1210
  34. Center punch 3/8 in.=8B
  35. Zig Zag rule 6ft.=1260
  36. Pull Push rule 6ft.=1262
  37. Pull push rule 6ft.=1206W
  38.  Pull push rule 8ft.=1208W
  39. Pull Push rule 10ft.=1210W
  40. Saw set=432
  41. Screw Driver 3,4,6,8 in.=1270
  42. Screw Driver 4 and 6 in.=3006
  43. Screw driver 3 and 6 in.=3008
  44. Screw driver 2 in.=3010
  45. Screw driver=3012
  46. Screw driver 3 and 6 in.=1277