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Lufkin Precision Tools
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The information provided was from a very nice person who is a member of MWTCA. Thanks Ed.
1869    Founded by E.T. Lufkin in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was known as Lufkin Board and Rule Co.  They                           
    manufactured tapes, rules, and precision tools.                           
1885    The Company was bought by a group of Saginaw Businessmen headed by Alfred F.  Marshall, general                           
    manager of Morley Brothers,  (A major hardware distributor in Michigan) and Fred Buck.  The two                           
    men took over the E. T. Lufkin Board and Log  Rule Co., with Alfred Marshal as financial director, Fred                           
    Buck as general manager, and Theodore Huss as secretary-treasurer.  (Fred Buck remained in that position                           
    until his death August 12, 1938 at the age of 80.)                           
1887    Started manufacturing Steel Tapes.                           
1890    The Headquarters was moved to Saginaw, and a small factory was built on Hess Street.  The factory                           
    manufactured mainly Board and Log Rules.
1892    The Cleveland operation was moved to Saginaw.
1915    Lufkin introduces spring-joint rules.
1914    With Alfred Marshall's death, Fred Buck becomes president and general manager.
1920    After World War I,  Lufkin started manufacturing small precision tools.
1938    Robert C. Thompson named president.  An addition was added to the plant.
1941-45    During World War II,  Lufkin received the Army-Navy E Awards (Flags) five times for its production
    excellence and efficiency. 
1947    February 27.  Strike settled after 142 days, they walked out on October 9, 1946.
1950    Lewis Barnard Jr., president. (He is the grandson of Fred Beck.)               
1954    Addition to the plant.  (The offices may have been added onto, and the address changed to 1900 Hess.)               
1955    Lufkin Rule grew to 1,400 employees at the height of operation. An addition was added to the plant.                
1966    Lufkin discontinues making precision tools in November.  Pratt & Whitney Machine Tools Division of               
    Colt Industries Inc., purchases the precision tool business in November of this year.               
1967    William G. Rector, president of Lufkin and E. L. Miller of Cooper Industries jointly announce their               
    merger on June 1st.        Lufkin Rule Co. was sold to the Cooper Industries Inc. of Houston Texas, and       
    moved to a new facility in Apex, North Carolina.  Lufkin has plants in Middletown, NY; Cleveland, OH;                
    Madison, ME; Jackson, TN; Ponce, PR; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Barrie, Ont.               
1968    The company closed after a short union strike.               
1969    The Lufkin Building was sold to Erwin and Max Myers.
1985    A fire gutted the rear warehouse of the complex on Sunday, December 22nd.
1994    April 26.  A fire was set by an arsonist, only the bricks were left and some steel I-beams.
1996    June 8.  A 16 year old boy fell to his death from a third-floor window.
1997    The State Department of Environmental Quality began demolishing buildings in late June.
1997    August 13.  Ed Fehn removes a brick from the Lufkin Building for John Kesterson, a member of the Mid-West tool collectors association.
1997    September 12.  This historic site is now an empty lot.

History of Cooper Industries and CooperTools

From its origins in 1833 as a small iron foundry in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Cooper Industries has evolved into a diversified, multi-billion dollar manufacturing company with a worldwide presence. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company employs approximately 30,000 people and operates more than 100 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Cooper Industries manufactures thousands of quality products that are grouped into two business segments: Electrical Products and Tools & Hardware.

Headquartered in Lexington, SC, the Tools & Hardware segment known as CooperTools serves primarily the global automotive, aerospace, electronic, energy, general industry and DYI markets through 54 manufacturing and sales/service facilities with 7,200 employees located in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our well-known brands have grown to 29, allowing us to service practically every industry with products and services that are continually improved, addressing the specific needs of our global customers.

The power tools offering counts with 17 reputable major brands like: Airetool� tube cleaners and expanders, Apex� fastening tools and universal joints, Buckeye� material removal tools, fixtured drills & power motors, Cleco� assembly and material removal tools, Cooper Automation automated fastening systems, DGD/ Gardner-Denver assembly equipment, Doler� advanced drilling equipment, Dotco� material removal tools and power motors, Gardner-Denver� assembly tools, hoists and power motors, Gardotrans modular transport systems, Geta fastening tools, Master Power� assembly, material removal and finishing tools, Metronix servos, drivers, speed controls, related electronics and software, Quackenbush advanced drilling equipment, Recoules drilling tools and cutters, Rotor TM fixtured and portable assembly tools, and Utica� torque measuring and testing equipment.

A total of 12 world renowned and dependable brands presently comprise the hand tools offering. Brands like: Campbell� chains and wire rope grips, Crescent� wrenches, Erem� high precision cutters and pliers, Kahnetics� dispensing systems, Lufkin� measuring tapes, Nicholson� files and saws, Plumb� hammers, H.K. Porter� bolt, cable and strap cutters, Weller� soldering equipment, Wire-Wrap� wire wrapping equipment, Wiss� scissors, and Xcelite� screwdrivers.

Historically, CooperTools has been committed to the ongoing challenge to excel in every aspect of the business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer relations. We are dedicated to offering the very best technical solutions and service, with a strong focus on providing application solutions that increases product performance and our customers profitability.


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