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Great Neck
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Great Neck also sold these brands of tools:
Buck Brothers (chisels and woodworking tools)
Mayes Brothers (levels and measuring tools)
Hardware Machinery

Samuel & Sarah Jacoff

Great Neck Founders

Samuel Jacoff, a tool and die maker living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, started a hacksaw blade manufacturing business with the help and support of his wife Sarah in 1919. Samuel and Sarah had one goal in mind when they produced that first hacksaw blade... create a high quality product at a reasonable cost.

Four years later, they decided to move their business to Flushing, New York, to be closer to the New York market. The fledgling manufacturer suffered a severe setback when fire destroyed their building in 1929, but managed to continue manufacturing by merging and moving in with another hacksaw blade manufacturer, Great Neck Manufacturing, who had a small facility in Great Neck, New York.


In 1941, they expanded the operation by purchasing a hand saw company in York Pennsylvania, moving the entire business to a newly constructed plant in Mineola, New York.

In time, Sam's four sons came to work for the company. First Sydney, coming right out of college, and then Richard, who gave up a successful career as a salesman with another company. Theodore and Salem came on board after serving in World War II and finishing college.

The fifties and sixties brought more growth with the purchase of Buck Bros., a chisel company in Milbury, Massachusetts and Mayes Brothers, a level company in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Before he died in 1971, Sam and his four sons had built Great Neck Saw from a small enterprise, into a major force in the hand tool business, adding a tape measure plant, and a plastic extrusion plant for their screwdriver and chisel line, greatly expanding the product offering.

Today, three quarters of a century later, Samual and Sarah's commitment to quality and value is carried on by a third generation of Jacoff's who have made Great Neck a leading global supplier to the hardware, mass market, and automotive markets, with a state-of-the-art distribution network and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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Great Neck Planes


Model Makers Plane

Minature plane for model makers, cabinet makers, and for other detailing of fine wood-working. Alloy tool steel cuttet is end-adjustable with nickel plated adjusting screw. 
GM-0 Length 3 1/2 inches cutter width 1 inch

 Block Planes

Adjustable mouth, with end and side screw adjustment. Allows rapid, exact regulation from coarse to fine work. Bottom and sides are smoothly milled and polished. Japan finish. Brass adjusting wheel.
G-1 Length 6 inches cutter width 1 5/8 inches

Popular type plane for everyday work not requiring frequent adjustment. Steel screw makes cutter adjustable for thickness of cut. Bottom and sides milled and polished. Japan finish.
G-2 Length 7 inches cutter width 1 5/8 inches

Bench Plane
Also called smooth planes. Available in 8" and 9" sizes with smooth or corrugated bottoms. Fully adjustable to meet all requirements. Mouth can be widened or closed for coarse to fine work as desired. End and side adjustments of cutters allow for thickness and eveness of planing. Bottom and sides milled and polished. Brass adjusting wheel. Japan finish.
G-3 Smooth bottom length 8 inches cutter width 1 3/4 inches
G-3C Corrugated bottom length 8 inches cutter width 1 3/4 inches
G-4 Smooth length 9 inches cutter width 2 inches
G-4C Corrugated length 9 inches cutter width 2 inches

Cutters-Each a solid piece of fine chrome alloy steel, fully tempered, ground and honed to a quality finish. Special design eliminates chatter, gives a constant cut.
Frog-Sturdily constructed to provide firm support at rear of mouth, making each tool a tight, vibration-proof unit. Adjustable for width of mouth.
Adjustments-Made to the finest specifications in tool technology, permitting reliable precision settings in a few seconds.
Lever Cap-Lustrously chrome plated. Designed to hold the cutter securely to prevent chatter.
Knobs and handles- Made of specially treated hardwoods, with attractive lifetime finish. Handles are specially shaped to give an easy natural grip that prevents slipping. Knobs securely fitted into plane bottom, avoiding looseness and splitting.
Assembly Parts-Made of the finest quality carbon steel for maximum work efficiency. Each part is hardened and tempered by the finest tool making equipment for excellent results and long life.  

Jack Plane
Suitable for the roughest work required, sturdily constructed to do a man-sized job efficiently, quickly. Screw adjustment permits quick regulation to different cuts. Bottom and sides milled and polished. Japan finish, smooth or corrugated Bottoms.
G-5 Smooth length 14 inches cutter width 2 inches
G-6C Corrugated length 14 inches cutter width 2 inches

Fore Plane
A work-wise plane for finishing uneven surfaces or for dressing edges to a flush fit before joining or gluing. End and side adjustments, bottom and sides smoothly milled and polished. Japan finish. Smooth or corrugated bottom.
G-6 Fore smooth length 18 inches cutter width 2 3/8 inches
G-6C Fore corrugated length 18 inches cutter 2 3/8 inches

Duplex Rabbet Plane & Filletster
This plane has two seats for the cutter; one for regular work, the other for bullnose work. Adjustable fence can be used on either side of the plane and slides under the bottom for regulating width of cut. Depth gauge regulates depth of cut. For use with or across the grain. Bottom and edges are milled and ground smooth. Body is japanned black, and all parts are rustproof plated. Blade is of special chrome alloy tool steel. Handle is cast with body in one piece. 
RP-8 Rabbet length 8 1/2 inches cutter width 1 1/2 inches

Information on planes obtained from a 1962 Great Neck catalog

Corsair Planes

Block Plane

A small bodied, compact plane which does not require frequent adjustment. Especially handy for light work. Alloy steel cutter is hardened and tempered, gground to a razor-sharp edge. Bottom is smoothly milled and polished. Baked black japan finish.
C-0  Length 4 3/4 inches cutter width 1 1/4 inches

C-1 Length 5 inches cutter width 1 1/4 inches


A popular plock plane for easy control with one hand does not require frequent adjustment. Alloy tool steel cutter is hardened and tempered, ground to a razor-sharp edge. Both bottom and sides are smoothly milled and polished. Baked black japan finish.
C-2 Length 6 1/2 inches cutter width 1 5/8 inches

Smooth Plane

The four-way plane with metal magic four edge disposable blade. Utilizing latest revolutionary metallurigical techniques, this ultra-sharp hardened steel blade has four long service cutting edges no need to ever attempt to sharpen a blade again. When cutting edges wear dull, just throw away blade and replace. Extra light in weight, because of fewer parts, whe W-4 Plane is not fatiguing to use. Sturdy cast iron body is precision milled and polished on sides and bottom, with backed enamel finish on inside surfaces. Cap is bright nickel plated. Lock screw and adjusting nut are solid brass. Handles are mahogany coloered kiln dried hardwood.
W-4 Four Way Length 9 inches cutter width 2 inches


Top value planes, Great Neck Corsair C-4 and C-5 have alloy tool steel cutters that are hardened and tempered and ground to a razor sharp edge. C-4 smooth plane and C-5 Jack plane feature a newly improved lever cap and a radically engineered honeycomb die casting of rust-proof metal with mirror bright chrome plated finish. Reduces weight and adds longer life. Bottom and sides are smoothly and accurately machined and polished. Frog is adjustable to width of mouth, is rigidly constructed and vibration proof. Knobs and handles are made of genuine kiln dried hardwood, attractive mahogany finished. Assembley parts are made of high quality. Hardened and tempered alloy tool steel. Brass adjusting screw. These planes are rigid, vibration free top effieciency tools of superior quality. Special design eliminates chatter, gives a consistent cut.
C-4 Smooth Length 9 inches cutter width 2 inches 


C-5 Jack  length 14 inches cutter width 2 inches

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