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The catalogs below were saved in Adobe Reader Form onto  quality CD-RS.  All pages were scanned high resolution and it is just like a book when you read them. You can print any page of the catalog and if you have the full Adobe Acrobat software you can crop, save the catalog in picuture form and so much more.  Works on Windows and MAC.  You will need the Adobe Reader to view the Cd's. You can obtain a free copy of this software by visiting the Adobe site icon below. 


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1. "American Grinding Wheels" 1920

by American Emery Wheel works 123 pages

Providence, Rhode Island



2. Atkins Saw "The Farm workshop and Woodlands" 1931

by E.C. Atkins and Company 36 pages

Indianapolis, Indiana

3. Bonney Tools C-1 1947

by Bonney Forge & Tool Works 106 pages and March 1, 1948 11 page price list

Allentown, PA


4. Craftsman 1941

by Sears, Roebuck & Co. 49 pages



5. Eugene Dietzgen #20 general catalog price list Jan. 1, 1938

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 32 pages

Chicago, IL

6. Eugene Dietzgen essential drawing instruments and materials 38A

Eugene Dietzgen Co. 48 pages

Chicago, IL


7. Disston Saw, Tool & File Manual 1939

by Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. 48 pages

Philadelphia, PA


8. Disston Saw, Tool & File Manual 1945

by Henry Disston & Sons, Inc. 48 pages

Philadelphia, PA


9. Great Neck #33 1962

by Saw Manufacturers, Inc. 52 pages and 8 page April, 20 1962 price list

Mineola, NY

10. Jorgensen & Pony Clamps #17 1949

by Jorgensen Adjustable Clamp CO. 32 pages and supplements

Chicago, IL


11. Keuffel & Esser Polyphase Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule Manual #4071 1939

by Keuffel & Esser Co. 89 pages

Hoboken, NJ


12. Lufkin Precision Tools #7 1947

by Lufkin Rule Co. 144 pages



13. Lufkin Precision Tools #8

by Lufkin Rule Co. 160 pages

Saginaw, MI

14. Lufkin Precision Tools #9

by Lufkin Rule Co. 256 pages

Saginaw, MI


15. Lufkin 12-B General Catalog

by Lufkin Rule Co. 257 pages

Saginaw, MI

16. Millers Falls Handbook for Mechanics 1916

by Millers Falls Co. 63 pages

Millers Falls, MA


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