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Eugene Dietzgen
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Information provided by Deitzgen company

German immigrant Eugene Dietzgen founds his own engineering supply house--as both a dealership and manufacturers' representative in Chicago, Illinois.

Dietzgen invents Van Dyke paper--a translucent paper used as an "intermediate" or negative with blueprint paper to make an early form of white prints. This product line of paper and film continued production into the 1960s.

First manufacturing facility opened producing T-squares, wooden triangles, drawing boards, hectograph inks, surveying instruments, blue print and Van Dyke papers--Dietzgen's historic line of engineering products.

Second manufacturing facility opened at Fullerton and Sheffield Sts. in Chicago. This plant was continually expanded until sold in 1976. It is now a historical landmark.

Dietzgen acquired its own drafting instrument factory in Germany and introduced their famed "Lifetime Service Policy" on drafting instruments.

Dietzgen became the Exclusive U.S. marketer of German dry "Diazo" positive-reproduction whiteprinter papers.

Anticipating war with Germany Dietzgen began developing its own American technology for the dry Diazo process.

Branch sales offices throughout the United States were opened.

Dietzgen was first to market commercially viable polyester drafting films. AGEPROOFtm and PERMA-SCALE were an immediate success in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, and for conventional scaled drawings.

COPYMATIONtm whiteprinter line acquired.

The company was restructured as Dietzgen Corporation.

Regional coating plants were combined with distribution centers, to better service primary marketing regions at competitive cost.

The Fullerton and Sheffield building was made a national landmark. The new corporate headquarters in suburban Des Plaines is established featuring whiteprinter and gridded paper production and sophisticated polyester film coating operation.

Product lines are re-shaped and new products are introduced.

Dietzgen introduces SATNIM, the worlds first machine erasable polyester drafting film a technological breakthrough.

Introduction of large document copier technology to product line.

Larry Kujovich is appointed President and CEO of Dietzgen Corporation.

Dietzgen initiates the creation of the Diazo Industry Council which is soon supported by all key industry manufacturers, suppliers and customers. Dietzgen assumes a leadership role in increasing market awareness of the advantages of diazo technology, dispelling incorrect perceptions and encouraging the use of this proven technology.

In its 110th anniversary year, Dietzgen announced the acquisition of the Klingler company. The newly consolidated corporation enhances both firms' contributions to the marketplace by providing new technologies, new products and new services to the reprographics industry.

Dietzgen announces its restructuring into four regional profit centers. The goal is to be closer to customers so their voice is heard and their requirements understood. This new organization will have the power of a big company with the flexibility and speed of small one.

Dietzgen announces the opening of a paper coating plant in a partnership agreement in Shanghai, China. This new facility will be serving the reprographic needs of the Far East.

In its 114th anniversary year, Dietzgen announces new management appointments to embrace change and make it our ally.

Success in today's deadline-driven CAD and Graphics markets is often measured in minutes and hours, not decades and centuries. Yet it's good to remember that REAL success is built on long-term relationships, consistency, and enduring standards as well as marketplace focus, customer satisfaction, and innovation. As Dietzgen looks to a bright future as the newest part of the Nashua Corporation, we also look back on a rich history.

Enduring and prospering for over a century is a notable achievement. In the turbulent Nineties, where change is the only constant, it's as remarkable an accomplishment for a corporation as an individual. The secret to longevity and growth for Dietzgen lies in marketplace focus, customer satisfaction, and constant innovation.

From the time Eugene Dietzgen arrived in the United States in 1878, he made his career in the engineering supply business. He accumulated valuable insights and contacts by working for others before establishing an engineering supply house of his own in Chicago in 1885. Between then and now, Dietzgen has maintained a single marketplace focus--architecture, engineering and construction.





Dividers above from a 1931 Eugene Dietzgen catalog.  
From left to right: #790 Federal plain dividers 6"
#792 Federal Hairspring Dividers 6"
#796 Universal Plain dividers 6"
#797 Universal Hairspring dividers 6"
#801R Reliance plain dividers 6"

Compasses above from a 1931 Eugene Dietzgen catalog.  
From left to right: #861 Gem Union  4 1/2"
#865 Excello  4"
#867 Champion 4"
#869 Federal Pencil 4 1/4"
#870 Federal Pen 4 1/4"
#872 Federal compasses 4 1/4"


These plumb bob attachements for steel tapes afford a practical and efficient means for measuring oil in tanks and are widely used throughout the oil industry.
From left to right: #5178 16 ounces 6 1/2" length diameter 3/4"
#5178A 6 ounces 2 3/4" length diameter 3/4"
#5179 14 ounces length 2 3/4" diameter 2"
5179A  7 ounces length 2 3/4" diameter 1 1/4" 
#5178 is attached directly to oil gaugers' tapes nos. 5162B and 5162C.
Bobs nos. 5178A, 5179 and 5179A are furnished with a connecting ling to be used with the oil gaugers' tapes nos. 5172B and 5172C. The length of the bob and link is included in the measurement of the tape.


From left to right: #6730 one plummet Lamp metal 2 inch diameter, 6 1/4" long, steeel point, weight about 20 oz. mounted in gimbal with 15 inche suspending chain in mahogany box with carrying strap.
#6737 Boxfinder (Dipping Needle) this instrument has been developed for use in locating accurately and quickly iron box covers and pipelines (water, gas, etc.) which are buried and out of sight. In cloth bag weight about 9 ounces.

#6024A Engineering Transit

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