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Winchester History
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Below are two links to download a 1923 Winchester catalog. It is in two parts because the file was so large. If you have trouble downloading right click your mouse and open in new window. You will need the Adobe reader to view the files.

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Click here to download part 2 of Winchester 1923 Catalog

Winchester Corporate and Divisional Name Changes 1931-1991


Winchester Repeating Arms Company-Dec.22, 1931, 1938


Winchester Repeating Arms Company

A Division of Western Cartridge Company- Dec.31, 1938 Dec. 30, 1944


Winchester Repeating Arms Company

A Division of Olin Industries, Inc. - Dec.30, 1944-January 1952


Winchester-Western Division

Olin Industries, Inc. January 1952-Aug. 31, 1954


Winchester-Western Division

Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation- Aug. 31, 1954- Sept. 1, 1969


Winchester-Western Division

Olin Corporation- Sept. 1, 1969-July 21, 1981


U.S. Repeating Arms Company-July 21, 1981-Present



The history of Winchester is a rich one that continues today.

The company who brought to life "the Gun that Won the West" is the same company who today continues to supply sportsmen with the best sporting ammunition in the world.

In December, 1980, the company's board of directors authorized the restructuring of the Winchester Group to allow Olin to better focus more of the company's resources on Winchester's sporting and defense ammunition business. With this restructuring, Winchester's U.S. sporting arms business, which had been part of the company for nearly half a century, was set up as a freestanding operation. In July, 1981, it was sold to the U.S. Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut, which now produces Winchester brand rifles and shotguns under license from Olin Corporation.

In 1991, Olin's Winchester Division again played a part during a war. When the Persian Gulf War broke out, Winchester provided a large amount of the ammunition used by U.S. troops during this conflict.

or the last 130 years, the name "Winchester" has come to mean many things to many people. To most folks it's meant ammunition and the Gun that Won the West. For many others, however, it also rekindles images of fine hand tools and cutlery, fishing tackle and flashlights.

But to all people the legendary Winchester name and trademark have always represented a long and responsible heritage of commitment, pride and high-quality products. A name, rest assured, that will always take a leading role in advancing and supporting conservation, hunter education and our country's proud shooting sports heritage.

A major global supplier of sporting ammunition, Winchester has long been the leader in introducing innovative new products from the Gun that Won the West to Winchester's new line of low recoil/low-noise shotshells or its new nontoxic ammunition for use in indoor shooting ranges.

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