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Stanley Special Planes


Stanley 45 plane

A unique, successful and convenient combination of seven tools in one. With the twenty-three cutters furnished with the 45 it can be used as a beading and center beading plane, plow plane, dado plane, rabbet plane, match plane, sash plane and a slitting plane. When cutting across the grain, adjustable, knife like spurs precede the main cutter and score the wood fiber on both sides of the cut. All metal parts are nickel plated. The handle, knob and fence are selected rosewood.

Number 45 with 23 cutters weight of 9 � pounds.

Special Planes

Bench rabbet planes malleable iron bottoms

To accurately cut a rabbet joint across the grain; to cut and smooth rabbets on hardwood, and for heavy rabbet cuts in mining and construction work. Double iron and Bailey adjustments. Hardwood handles and knobs.


Stationary handle and knob

Number 10 �--9in. long 2 1/8in. cutter

Number 10--13in. long 2 1/8in. cutter

Circular planes

They have flexible steel bottoms which can be adjusted to plane convex and convave surfaces. The well known Stanley Bailey cutter and lever cap construction assure smooth, clean work and eliminate chatter. Cutters are adjustable endwise and sidewise. Minimum radius 20. Japanned frames.

The face is fastened at each end to the plane body and adjusted by a screw at the center.

The frame provides a good hand hold for both hands.

Number 20--10in. long 1 3/4in. cutter


Scrub planes

Time and energy saver. When you have to remove quite a bit of wood from the edge or surface of a board-not enough to rip with a saw but a great deal to planeuse the scrub plane. Its heavy, narrow, rounded cutter makes it possible to quickly and easily bring the board down to rough dimensions. Use it to back out base boards, true u sub flooring, size lare timber, clean gritty boards, etc. Japanned finish. Hardwood handle and knob.

Number 40--9 1/2in. long 1 1/4in. cutter.

Stanley 55 plane

This unique plane makes it possible for the amateur home craftsman to produce the many decorative effects that enhance any piece of furniture.  It is also used by mechanics to produce moldings when it is inconvenient or expensive to go to a mill.

This tool is a beading And center beading plane, eight plow, Dado, Rabbet, match, sash, and slitting Plane, and a superior molding plane That will accommodate Cutter is of almost any shape and size.  The samples of work illustrated shows some of the moldings that can be made with cutters regularly furnished with this plane.  Its wide range of war will be appreciated when it is considered that, In addition to the 55 regular cutters in the 41 special cutters (Carried in stock), the plane will take practically any form Of cutter Which the owner can make from blanks or order from sketch.  All metal parts are nickel plated.  The handles and fences are made of rosewood.  A booklet Stanley 55 plane And how to use it His path with each plane.  The cutters, attachments and plane are packed Complete in a strong box.

Number 55 with 55 cutters weight of 15 1/4lb.

Dado planes

They will cut true, even in the narrow widths.  The skew cutter and two adjustable spurs assure smooth clean cuts.  Fitted with an adjustable depth gauge.  Japanned.  Specify Number 39 and width of cutter.

Number 39 8in. long 1/4in., 3/8 in., 1/2in., 3/4in. cutter


Plow plane

A plane especially designed for grooving and for all work within its capacity.  Fitted with a depth gauge an adjustable fence.  Seven cutters are furnished with the plane- 1/8in., 5/32 inch, 3/16 in, 7/32in, �, 5/16, And 3/8in. wide.

Number 248A 9/2in. long


Special block planes double end Non Adjustable

This plane has two mouths and two cutters seats.  Cutter and lever cap can be reversed to form a bull nose plane.  Bottom and sides are ground and milled.  Rosewood knob.  Japanned trimmings.

Number 130 8in. long 1 5/8in. cutter



Edge trimming block

For training for squaring the edge of boards of two 7/8in. for a square or close fit.  The cutter works on a skew.  Japanned.

Number 95- 6in. long 1 1/16in. cutter

Stanley combination planes

Plow and rabbet

Used to plow grooves for panels in cabinet doors, to groove or rabbet screen frames, and for other applications where rabbeting with the grain is required. Nickel plated. Equipment includes fence with 5in. adjustment, depth gauge, 2 sets arms long and short, and 2 plow cutters 1/8in and 3/16 inch. 6 plow and dado cutters 1/4in, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16,1/2, and 5/8 inch wide.

Number 54 9 1/4in. long


Light combination

Used as a plow, dado beading, matching or rabbet plane. Made of metal and nickel plated; rosewood handle. Fitted with spurs for use across grain, a fence, depth guage, shaving deflector, match board beading gauge and lever adjustment. Seventeen cutters are furnished: 2 plow cutters-1/2,3/16; 7 plow and dado cutters-1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,5/8, and 7/8 inch wide; 7 beading cutters; 1/8,3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16, and � inch wide, and 1 tonguing cutter-1 � inch wide.

Number 50-9 � inch long.