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Drill Companies


Manufacturers of drills, reamers, screw extractors arbors, mandrels, Sockets, mills, Counter bores, Carbide tipped tools, Mo-Max, ground tool Bits, And cut off blades high speed tools. The main factory was Located in Cleveland Ohio and established in 1876 incorporated in 1904.  This information was obtained from the number 45 1947 catalog.  They also had offices in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London.

Located in Athol, Massachusetts, on the Boston and Maine Railroad, Fitchburg division, comprises 153,607 square feet devoted exclusively to the Production of  cutters and drills.  The buildings are as follows: Building number one, 137ft. long, 62ft. wide, three stories. 

Number one ext. 112 feet long, 37ft. wide. 

Building number two, 300ft. long, 95 feet wide. 

This building contains the hardening and annealing Plant. 

The most advanced ideas enter into its equipment, And exceptional Facilities enable us to produce uniformly the highest grade of work. 

Building number three, 118ft. long, 62ft. wide, three stories. 

Number Three ext. 141ft. long, 62ft. wide, Four Stories. 

Building number nine, 113ft. long 62 feet wide, Three stories. 

Powerhouse, 64ft. long and 62ft. wide.  This information was found in the April 29, 1918 union twist drill catalog