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Woodworking Books
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These books are all in used condition


Carpentry: Tools-Shelves-Walls-Doors item #300

Black & Decker Carpentry: Tools-Shelves-Walls-Doors copyright 1989.
Hardback with 127 pages. Small amount of  water damage on bottom middle pages no marks or dog-ears.
$7.00 + shipping item #300


Charles H. Hayward item #301

Practical Woodwork by Charles H. Hayward fifth printing 1973. Nice book hardback with no marks or dog-ears includes slip-cover192 pages.
$7.00 + shipping item #301

Popular Science

Hand and Power Tools item #302

Popular Science How to use Hand and Power Tools by George Daniels. Paperback with 160 pages second printing 1976. No marks in book some wear.
$3.00 + shipping item #302

Carpentry Mathmatics with answers

J. Douglas Wilson item #303

Carpentry Mathmatics education manual published for the United States Armed Forces. Copyright 1930 missing front cover is worn with previous owners name on back inside cover and one preface page has some crown marking. Previous owners name on front and back pages very readable and still intact.
$5.00 + shipping item #303

Great Neck original catalog #33 1962

item #312

 original  Great Neck #33 1962

by Saw Manufacturers, Inc. 52 pages and 8 page April, 20 1962 price list

Mineola, NY

This is for the original catalog.

$12.00 + shipping item #312


Original American Swiss Files 1941 catalog

item #313

Original American Swiss Files catalog
 This is for the original catalog 1941  32 pages no rips or dog ears 
 Elizabeth, New Jersey
$12.00 + shipping item #313

 Handyman Complete Guide to Home Maintenance. Softback copyright 1975 with 538 pages. No marks slight wear around the covers edges. Contents are: Handtools, hammers, handsaws screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, boring tools, snips, files, planes, cold chisels, wood chisels, vises and clamps, sharpening your tools, measuring tools, abrasives. Power tools-power tools timesavers, electric drills, belt sanders, finishing sanders, the drill press, the circular saw, the jig saw, table saw, radial arm saw, lathe, router chain saw. Building materials-selecting the proper materials, woods, framing lumber, plywood, other sheet materials, working with plastic. Paints and finishes, windows doors closets drawers and shelves, walls floors and ceilings, exterior maintenance, plumbing and temperature control, working with metal, fastening techniques, electricity and wiring, remodeling, furniture repair and finishing, your shop, weights and measures index.
$20.00 + shipping item #316    

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Better Homes and Gardens

Handyman's Book item #304

Better Homes and Gardens Handyman's Book. Has a hardcover with 3 ring binder of 479 pages. Copyright 1951 no marks or rips. Contents: handtools,fastening techniques, finishing techniques, heating plants and fireplaces, plumbing repairs,  electrical repairs, walls Storage, windows and doors, floors, exterior repairs and yardwork, furniture and accessories, power tools and lumber.
$12.00 + shipping item #304

Modern Woodworking

Willis H. Wagner item #305

Modern Woodworking by Willis H. Wagner. Copyright 1974 hardback 25 chapters. No dog-ears or marks. Contents: planning and designing, selecting and roughting out materials, planing and sawing stock to finisehd dimensions, drilling and boring holes, wood joints, forming irregular shapes chamfers and bevels, gluing and clamping, metal fasteners, sanding and preparing for finish, wood finishing, planing machines, circular saws, band saw jig saw and saber saw, drill press mortiser and tenoner, lathe, router shaper and moulder, sanding machines, furniture and cabinetwork, laminating and bending wood, upholstery and plastic laminates, mass production, patternmaking, carpentry, boatbuilding, wood technology related information. Textbook form with tests at end of each chapter.
$12.00 + shipping item #305

The Practical Handbook of Carpentry

R.J. DeCristoforo item #306

The Practical Handbook of Carpentry by R.J. DeChristoforo. Hardback copyright 1969  no dog-ears or marks 128 pages. Right top corner of Cover nicked. Contents: Your home workshop, basic house framing, tools for sawing, drilling, sanding, planing, Shaping and turning, Hammers and screwdrivers, measuring tools, miscellaneous tools, clamps and adhesives, nails and screws, nuts bolts and other fastners, all about hinges, know your materials, how to hang doors, how to create shelving, inside story on closets, how to panel walls, acoustical ceilings, wood joints, furniture building, about built-ins, how to add a window, building fences, decks and footings.
$5.00 + shipping item #306

Architecture Drafting and Design

Textbook item #307

Architecture Drafting and Design textbook second edition. Hardback 1971 with 568 pages. No dog-ears or marks. Contents: Area planning- living area, service area, sleeping area, Basic architectrual plans-drafting techniques, drawing floor plans, elevation drawings, pictorial drawings. Technical architectural plans- location plans, sectional drawings, foundation plans, framing plans, schedule and specifications, building codes, electrical plans, air-conditioning plans, plumbing diagrams, modular component plans. Creative architectural drafting and design- theory of design, methods of checking, cost analysis.
$7.00 + shipping item #307

Fun With Wood

item #317

Fun With Wood by Joseph Leeming. Hardback copyright 1942 with 111 pages no dog ears or marks I could find. Contents are: whittling-knives for whittling, wood for whittling, grain, silhouette figures, animals and birds, Alice in Wonderland figures, profiles, silhouettes mounted on panels, photographs mounted on wooden silhouettes. Whittled toys and games- hen and rooster, chicken with movable head, barking dog, walking penguin, the boxers, trick stick, the lively rooster, magic stick, the snorer, balancing doll, monkey on a stick, the gymnast, the dancing sailor, stern-wheel paddle boat, snap-in block. Useful gifts-woodpecker door knockers, doggie letter rack, duck sewing set, dog house markers, donkey flower carrier, Mexican flower pot holder, butterfly wall vase, string box, toothbrush holder. Whittled  animal and human figures-fish, birds, ducks, scottie dogs, squirrel, deer, pig, matchstick figures, sea captain. Puzzles-T puzzle, cross, cut up squares, square and rectangle puzzles, wedge plug, cross plug, arrow and target, interlocked bar, triple cross, three piece burr, six piece burr, six piece diagonal burr or indian six stick, the T or double dovetail, right angle dovetail, diagononal dovetail, Jackstraw, the grill, cross in bottle, Chinese savings bank. Chains and interlocked rings- caged balls and related figures, whittled fan figures, jointed figures, wood carving-tools and woods used in wood carving, tools used in chip carving, stop cutting and slicing, sharpening and caring for carving tools, woods for carving, chip carving, incised carving, chase carving, level surface carving and carving modeled in relief.
$12.00 + shipping item #317 

Complete Book of Woodworking

item #318

Popular Science Complete Book of Woodworking by Rosario Capotosto. Hardback slipcover is worn but rest of book is good no dog ears, writing on first inside cover page of previous owner no other marks I could find. Copyright 1975 with 441 pages. Contents: Woodworking an absorbing craft, why wood, from forest to workbench, wood facts, lumber, kinds of wood, plywood, manufactured wood, plastic laminates. Shipping for materials-lumber sizes and surfaces, lumber grading, buying lumber, where to buy lumber, speciality items. Tools and the workshop- the workshop, tools for your ship, buying tools, hand tools, portable power tools, stationary power tools. Techniques with tools- measure and layout, sawing, surfacing and shaping, drilling, danding, fastening, wood turning. Construction techniques-woodworking joints, gluing and clamping, working with plywood, working with hardboard, working with particleboard, working with molding, bending wood, paneling walls, applying plastic laminates, using ready mades, wood finishing.
 $15.00 + shipping item #318

Popular Science How to choose and use

Lumber, Plywood, Panelboards and Laminates item #308

Popular Science How to Choose and Use Lumber, Plywood, Panelboards and Laminates by Mel Marshall. Paperback 1979 no marks or dog-ears with 154 pages. Contents: A brief history of lumbering, lumber, plywood, composition boards, gypsum board and prefinished panels, laminates.
$3.00 + shipping item #308

Popular Science

Hand Tools for the Home Workshop item #309

Popular Science Hand Tools for the Home workshop. Paper-back 1969 with 109 pages no dog-ears or marks. Contents: Handsaws, hammers hatchets mallets, planes, chisels, gouges, punches and nail sets, files, rasps and scrapers, screwdrivers, nutdrivers, wrenches, pliers, snips and nippers, prybars and nail pullers, tools for measuring and marking, clamps and vises.
$3.00 + shipping item #309

Carpentry and Woodworking

item #310

Carpentry and Woodworking by Dick Demske. Paper-back 1984 cover is  worn has seen some slight moisture toward back pages dog-ears on bottom pages. 158 pages very readable. Contents: wood, hand tools, portable power tools, stationary power tools, wood joints, fasteners and adhesives, moulding and trim, framing fundamentals, sanding and abrasives, finishing. Projects-basic workbench, backyard planter benches, lumber chair, lumber coffee table, early american style wall shelf, hinged box, modular cubes, baby's changing table, sandbox, shaker-style trestle table, fireplace bench, storm window, picnic table, barbecue cart, blanket chest, butler's tray table, compact desk, rustic planter, bookcase, backyard storage.
$3.00 + shipping item #310

Popular Science

Glues and Adhesives item #311

Popular Science Home and Workshop guide to Glues and Adhesives. 
Paper-back 1979 no dog-ears or marks with 120 pages. Contents: Glue lore, selecting the right glues and adhesives, gluing tools and how to use them, wood gluing methods, veneering and laminating, how to use stick-to-anything glues, hot melt glues, adhesives for construction and paneling, time and temperature tricks, protecting the project and yourself, planning projects, general repairs.
$3.00 + shipping item #311 

The Practical Handbook of Furniture Refinishing Restyling and Repair by John H. Savage copyright 1971. Hardback no dog ears or marks 127 pages. Contents are: What you're getting into, workbench and tools, chair and table repairs, repairing desks and bureaus, restyling and re-upholstering old furniture, restoring the old finish, stripping the old finish, picking the best finish, preparing wood for a new finish, stains and bleaches, the clear finishes, finishes in color.
$5.00 + shipping item #314

Hardware Retailer catalog service directory of manufacturers brand names, master index, departmental index. Hardback January 1961 with 424 plus pages. No marks or dog ears. Some companies in book are American Chain and cable, Amerock, automatic service supply, automatic spray service center, Bassick co. Campbell chain co., Eagle mfg., Faultless Cater Corp., Keystone steel and wire, Mansfield sanitary, Standard Products, United States Plywood, Wrightway engineering, Arrow Fatener, Black and Decker, Diamond tool and horseshoe, Skil, True Temper, Turner, Weller Electric, Wen Products,Ingersoll, Supplex, J. Wiss and Sons, Remington Arms company and more.
$12.00 + shipping item #315

Woodworking Projects for the Home

item #319

Popular Science Woodworking projects for the Home. Hardback copyright 1973 with 300 pages. No dog ears or marks. Slip cover reads : a collection of 118 woodworking projects includes a wide range of traditional, modern and innovative designs for furniture and accessories. Most of them are well within the woodworking capabilites of the average do it yourselfer, and can be built with either hand or power tools. However, a few of the projects will challenge and delight the expert.
  $12.00 + shipping item #319