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Items For Sale


Cutting Knife item #KN12 $17.50


Detail Knife item #KN13 $18.50


Chip Carving Knife item #KN15 $17.95


Pelican Knife item #KN18 $21.95


Mini Pelican Knife ultra thin blade for the lowest resistance when fine cutting is required. Facets on the smaller handles create multiple control points to allow them to be held in variety of comfortable positions item #KN19 $22.95


Mini Chip Carving Knife item #KN20 $20.95


Flexible Draw Knife has 5 inches of workable edge, designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed quickly. The tool can be flexed to accomodate concave or convex surfaces. Cuts can be made that conform more closely to the finished shape, taking less time to sand or scrape. The curved edge gives a skew like cutting action for a low resitance cut. Tool works great for carving chair legs, hollowing chair bottoms or quickly roughing out decoys. Item # KN16 $39.95


14 Piece Reciprocating Power Gouge Set Includes RG200, 201, 300, 301, 302, 312, 400, 401, 402, 403, 305, 306, 307 & 309 item #RG100 $129.95



Flexcut RG Range handle adapter allows all RG gouges to be used as a hand tool. item #RG102 $19.95


RG Range power profile 3/4" (19mm) #3 size sweep
item #RG300 $11.50


 RG Range power profile 1/2" (12mm) #8 size sweep
item #RG302 $11.50


 RG Range power profile 1/2" (12mm) Spoon
item #RG351 $12.25


RG Range power profile 3/8" (9mm) 70 degree parting tool 
item #RG403 $11.95


RG Range power profile 1/2" (12mm) #1 chisel single bevel 
item #RG505 $12.95


Detailing Gouges Includes RG305, 306, 307 & 309
 item #RG310 $32.95


Roughing Gouges Includes RG400, 401, 402 & 403
item #RG404 $36.95


5 piece Craft Carver kit entry level tool set comes with  quick connect handle and 4 interchangeable blades, in its own 10 pocket tool roll. Additional tools can be supplemented to create your own custom set. Rolls up into a handy 5" X 2" bundle for convenient storage. Contains: SK100 ABS handle, SK305, SK306, SK307, SK801 item #SK106 $45.95


11 piece Craft carver set has 10 interchangeable blades, for the best value. Contains: SK100 ABS handle, SK305, SK306, SK307, SK309, SK329, SK400, SK401, SK408, SK801, SK803. item #SK107 $89.95


Quick Connect Handle Allows for tool changes in seconds. The high-impact ABS can be struck for light mallet work. The yellow, soft urethane, provides for an exceptional grip. Item #SK100 $13.95