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All Tools listed are in working condition. If you have a question on anything please let me know at the email address below.  If you are interested in any tool and would like to know the shipping, just send me your  zip code with tool description and I will get that for you a.s.a.p!
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Old Briegel Method metal tubing crimping tool



$9.00 + Shipping

This tool measures approx. 10" long. It says Briegel Method Tool Cat. 808 Pat. Pend. on both sides of the handles. It is in good working condition. I found some information on how this was used:For compressing and indenting thin metal tubing, and is designed for use in connection with a method for forming joints in metal tubing.


P.S. & W. Large C clamp



$9.99 + Shipping

This old clamp is in good working condition. It says P.S. & W. Southington. Conn U.S.A. On one side and Steel No 4 Screw with a star on the other side of the clamp. The clamp is really neatly made. It measures approx. 9 1/2" from top of clamp to end of the wing screw. It opens all the way to about 4 inches.

Stanley 1" wood chisel

$12.00 + shipping

This is a Stanley 1" chisel. It says Defiance by Stanley no. 1251 Made in U.S.A. on the shank. The chisel measures approx. 5 7/16" long from edge to end of shank. The handle is made of either bake-a-lite or plastic don't know which and has no cracks. The chisels edge is in good condition with no chips or cracks.

E.C. Atkins hand saw


$8.00 + shipping

This is an old Atkins handsaw. It measures approx. 24 9/16" long tapers down from 4 5/8" to 1". The handle has the medallion which says E.C. Atkins & Co. Indianapolis Ind. There are 9 tpi. The handle has some age cracks but nothing major the saw is still in working condition. One tooth missing at the wide end below the middle of the handle.

Cleveland Screw extractor set with wood box

$12.00 + shipping

This is an old Cleveland Twist Drill ezy out 5 piece set with the original box. The box says Ezy-Out Screw Extractor The Cleveland Twist Drill Co. Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. New York Chicago San Francisco Detroit containing Nos. 1,2,3,4,5 set no. 15. The box has a chip at the end that is gone but the rest is in good condition for its age. There are 5 easy outs which are: No. 1 5/64"-No. 2 7/64" tip broken -No. 3 5/32"-No. 4 1/4" and No.5 17/64"

Brown Sharpe #62 Micrometer

$15.00 + shipping

Brown and Sharpe #62 micrometer in working condition. It has the B & S logo on one side with pat Dec. 30 1902 and Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co. Providence RI U.S.A. No. 62 on the other. I can't find this number in any of the books I have. I beleive it measures 1" to 2". The micrometer head is 3 5/8" long and 7/8" wide. No marks or initials on this tool.

Stanley Job Master Claw hammer



$5.00 + Shipping

The head measures approx. 4 3/4" from claw to hammer head. It says Stanley Job Master on the face of the hammer. There are no cracks just normal wear. The handle measures approx. 13 1/8" long and doesn't seem to be the original no cracks or chips.

Craftsman 1/4" wood chisel



$9.99 + Shipping

Craftsman 1/4" chisel. It has a stamp of Craftsman on the shanks side. The chisel measures approx. 5 1/4" long from tip to end of shank. The handle is the small round type and has no cracks. The chisels edge needs sharpened.

Fulton Woodworking Drill Brace

$8.00 + Shipping

This brace is in good working condition. It says Fulton on the side and has no chips or cracks. It has two jaws and the sweep is 10" I beleive.

Disston metal file with wood handle



$5.00 + shipping

This file measures approx. 15 inches long and 1 1/8 inch wide. It has the Disston logo on the tang end. The file is pretty coarse and still has some life in it. The handle is a shur-grip that screws on the tang of the file and has the normal dings but no cracks

1941 American Swiss File Tool Catalog

$10.00 + shipping

This original catalog is in good condition no rips or marks. It is copyrighted 1941 and has informatin on thier company and descriptions of the items they sold. It contains 32 pages and a 4 page supplement that was revised for May 1942