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Other misc. tool history
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Goodell-Pratt Company Was founded in 1888 and incorporated 1895 At Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Many lines of tools were obtained through a series of acquisitions including: Richardson and sons Wells brothers.  In 1931 Millers falls Company, also of Greenfield Massachusetts acquired the company.


The Ohio tool company was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1823, and for 40 years used prison labor supplied and by contract from the state penitentiary.  Then the late 1880s Ohio tool company employed civilian workers and in 1891 purchased the Auburn tool company.  The company ceased operations in 1920.




When 20-year-old Danish blacksmith Vilhelm Petersen sailed into Boston Harbor, little did he know that his journey would lead to the establishment of American Tool Companies, Inc. In 1902, "Bill" Petersen settled in Minden, Nebraska, where he worked for a fellow Danish blacksmith, keeping horses shod, plow shares sharpened and wagons repaired.

Bill Petersen was an inventor at heart. With the introduction of the automobile and farm tractor, blacksmithing was on the decline. During the long Nebraska winters, Petersen experimented with his ideas. In 1921, he invented and patented a unique wrench with a "vise-like" grip.

By 1924, Petersen had refined his invention by adding a locking lever. He patented the enhanced tool and gave it an innovative name that would become world famous:
VISE-GRIP locking pliers. He registered the distinctive clasped hands logo, a symbol that today represents the most recognized hand tool brand in the world.

American Tool Companies, Inc., led by Allen Petersen, the founders grandson, has evolved into a leading global manufacturer and marketer of hand tools, cutting tools and power tool accessories. The company has more than 4,400 employees and manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe, Brazil, and the Pacific Rim.

Today, its product lines include VISE-GRIP locking pliers, clamps and wrenches, IRWIN wood boring and cutting tools, QUICK-GRIP clamping products, RECORD hand tools, MARPLES woodworking tools, JORAN drill bits, JACK hand saws, POWERPRESS pipe clamps, TURBOMAX drill bits, PROSNIP snips, MARATHON and SPRINT saw blades, UNIBIT step drills, HANSON taps, dies and drills, CHESCO hex tools, SPEEDBOR2000 wood boring bits, and STRAIT-LINE marking tools.

1924 Bill Petersen granted basic patent for locking pliers
1934 Petersen Manufacturing Co. formed to manufacture and market VISE-GRIP� locking tools
1938 First official VISE-GRIP� tools plant opens in an old DeWitt drug store with a staff of 37
1957 Modern-design 10WR� VISE-GRIP� locking pliers goes on market with curved jaw and wire cutter
1962 The Cumberland, Wisconsin plant opens, manufacturing twist drills
1979 Gorham, Maine plant opens, manufacturing HANSON� and IRWIN� tools
1985 American Tool Companies, Inc. was formed and accquired Petersen Manufacturing Co.
1993 American Tool Companies acquires The Irwin Company, a revered manufacturer of power tool accessories and cutting tools.
1994 American Tool Companies acquire Joran Bor A/S, a leading manufacturer of masonry drill bits
for the building and construction markets worldwide
1995 American Tool Companies acquire Hans Schr�der A/S, the world's largest producer of hand saws, in Asn�s Denmark

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