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Sargent Misc. Tools 1911 pages 231-250
Sargent Planes 1911 pages 2-19
Sargent Chisels 1911 pages 59-80
Sargent Pliers 1911 pages 163-177
Sargent Gimlets 1911 pages 110-121
Sargent Saws 1911 pages 147-162
Sargent Hammers 1911 pages 139-146
Sargent Hatchets 1911 pages 122-138
Sargent Levels 1911 pages 178-185
Sargent squares 1911 pages 20-32

Sargent Screwdriver
Page 34

Sargent Awl and Tools
Page 37

Sargent Awls and tools
Page 40

Sargent Awl set
Page 43

Sargent Screwdriver
Page 33

Sargent Screwdriver
Page 36

Special awls and tools for Aiken's handle
Page 39

Sargent Awls and tools large handle
Page 42

Sargent Screwdriver
Page 35

Aiken's Patent awl and tools
Page 38

Separate awls and tools for Sargent handle
Page 41

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