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Sargent Planes 1911 pages 2-19
Sargent Chisels 1911 pages 59-80
Sargent Pliers 1911 pages 163-177
Sargent Gimlets 1911 pages 110-121
Sargent Saws 1911 pages 147-162
Sargent Hammers 1911 pages 139-146
Sargent Hatchets 1911 pages 122-138
Sargent Levels 1911 pages 178-185
Sargent squares 1911 pages 20-32

Sargent Steel hardware mortising gauge
Page 232

Sargent Cotton, Box, Hay Hook
Page 235

Sargent Cotton, Box, Hay Hook
Page 238

Sargent Jack screw
Page 241

Sargent oil can
Page 244

Sargent Carpenter pencil
Page 247

Sargent Melting Ladle & Washer Cutter
Page 250

Sargent Wrought Butt Gauge
Page 231

Sargent Solid Steel Bar Wrench
Page 234

Sargent Cotton, Box, Hay Hook
Page 237

Sargent Bench Screw
Page 240

Sargent Carriage and Door Clamp
Page 243

Sargent Carpenter pencil
Page 246

Sargent Box chisel
Page 249

Sargent Pipe and auto wrench
Page 233

Sargent Cotton, Box, Hay Hook
Page 236

Sargent Cotton, Box, Hay Hook
Page 239

Sargent Cabinet Makers or quilt frame clamps
Page 242

Sargent Chalk line reel
Page 245

Sargent Box and Cold chisel
Page 248

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