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Our Very Best Self Setting Iron Plane

# 803, 804, 805, 806, 807 Smooth, Jack, Fore, Jointer

REV-O-NOC Adjustable Planes

Wood, Jack, Fore, Jointer

Siegley and Stanley Planes

Circular, Scrub, Low Anlge Block, Fore, Jointer, Jack, Smooth, Combination

Stanley Beader, Carriage Makers Planes
Stanley Beader, Carriage, Rabbet Planes
Side Rabbet, Universal Beader, Dado, Cornering Tools

Siegley Plane Parts
Siegley Plane Parts

Stanley Marking and Butt Gauges

Our Very Best Self Setting Plane

# 805, 806, 803, 804, 807

Our Very Best Self Setting Wood Planes

# 835, 822, 826, 828, 830

Stanley Beading, Center, Plow, Dado, Rabbet,

Fillister, Match, Sash, Slitting, Moulding Planes

Stanley Adjustable Planes, Duplex, Router
Stanley Adjustable Planes Tongue and Groove
Tonguing Groove, Double End Match, Rabbet, Fillister Plane

Stanley Cutter and Chisel Grinder, Dowel Jig,
Stanley Chisel Grinder, Trammel Point, Odd Jobs
Roofing Brackets, Angle Dividers, Odd Job, Trammel Points

Bartlett Bead Plane, Stanley Mortise Gauges
Bartlett Bead Plane, Stanley Mortise Gauge
Floor Scrapers

Our Very Best Self Setting Iron Corrugated Planes

# 803C, 804C, 805C, 806C, 807C

Bailey Adjustable Iron Planes, Bailey Wood Planes

Stanley Bed Rock Planes

Bailey Block Planes

Cabinet Makers, Veneer Scraper, Bull Nose Rabbet Plane

Stanley Cabinet Scraper
Stanley Cabinet Scraper Dowel and Rod Machine
Dowel and Rod Turning Machine

Bartlett's Bench, Tooth, Dado, Step Nosing Planes
Bartlett and Ogontz Planes
Ogontz Bench, Bartlett Skew rabbet, Jack, Horn Scrub Planes

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