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Stanley, Sands Plumbs and Levels

Stanley, OVB Squares

Eagle Take Down Squares

REV-O-NOC, Stanley, Lufkin Folding Rules

REV-O-NOC, Lufkin Measuring Tapes
REV-O-NOC, Lufkin Measuring Tape

Inside, Outside, Double, Wing, Calipers
Our Very Best, REV-O-NOC Caliper
REV-O-NOC, Our Very Best

Starrett Combination Sets, Rules, Center Gauge

Our Very Best Plumbs and Levels

Stanley Pocket, Line, Straight Edge, Levels

Level Sights Stands, Jointer Gauges

Our Very Best Blued and Rafter Squares
Our Very Best Steel, Rafter & Framing Square

Boxwood Rule, Caliper

Lufkin, Stanley Steel, School, Bench Rules

Board, Log Rules

Our Very Best, REV-O-NOC, Cruso Plumb Bobs
OVB, REV-O-NOC, Cruso Plumb Bob
Chalk Line Reels and Chalk

Starrett Calipers, Dividers, Scribers
Starrett Calipers, Dividers, Scribers

Starrett Micrometers, High Speed Indicators

Bostrom's Farm Levels

Stanley Machinist, Line, Mason Levels

Our Very Best Polished, Copper, Galvanized Squares

Boxwood Rules

Lufkin, Stanley, Interlox Zigzag Rules

Lufkin Measuring Tapes
Lufkin Measuring Tape

Starrett Calipers
Starrett Calipers

Starrett Square, Gauge, Screwdriver

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