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Reliable Steel Tapes
Lufkin Reliable Steel Tape Measure
Reliable Steel Tapes 1/2" Wide

Challenge Steel Tapes 1/2" Wide
Lufkin Challenge and Junior Steel Tapes
Challenge Junior Steel Tapes

Challenge Steel Tapes with Diameter Measurement
Lufkin Chalenge Steel Tree Tape Measures
Challenge Tree Tapes

Frame Steel Tapes
Lufkin Frame Steel Tape Measures
Frame Steel Tape Extra Wide

Temperature Scale
Lufkin Temperature Scale and Plumb Bobs
Plumb Bobs for Steel Tapes, Tape Hooks, Clamp and Tension Handles

Michigan Surveyors Chain Tape
Lufkin Surveyors Chain Tape, Cripple Creek Reel
The Cripple Creek Reel

Marvel Pocket Steel Tape
Lufkin Marvel and Engineers, Architects Scale Tape
Pocket Steel Tapes with Engineers and Architects Scales

Metallic Tapes
Lufkin Junior and Metallic Tape Measures
Junior Metallic Tapes

Universal Tapes
Lufkin Universal Tape, Pocket Tape Measures
Pocket Linen Tapes, Marvel Pocket Tapes

Steel Measuring Tapes
Lufkin Steel Measuring Tapes

Challenge Steel Tapes
Lufkin Challenge and Stainless Steel Tapes
Stainless Steel Tapes

Banner Steel Tapes
Lufkin Banner and Universal Steel Tapes
Improved Universal Steel Tapes

Engineers Pattern Steel Frame Tape
Lufkin Engineer Pattern and Western Tape Measure
Western Tape

Oil Gaugers Steel Tape with Plumb Bob
Lufkin Oil Gaugers Steel Tape with Plumb Bob

Surveyors Chain Tape
Lufkin Surveyors Chain Tape Measures
Surveyors Chain Tape Extra Narrow

Pocket Steel Tapes
Lufkin Pocket Steel Tape Measures

Woven Measuring Tapes
Lufkin Woven and Metallic Measuring Tapes
Metallic Tapes

Universal Tape Measures
Lufkin Universal Tape Measures

Tailors and Dressmakers Tape Measure
Lufkin Tailor and Dressmakers Tape Measure

Reliable Steel Tapes Extra Wide
Lufkin Relaible Junior Steel Tapes
Reliable Junior Steel Tapes

Rival Steel Tapes
Lufkin Rival Steel and Junior Tapes
Rival Junior Steel Tapes

Engineers Pattern Steel Tapes
Lufkin Engineers and Woverine Steel Tapes
Woverine Steel Tapes

Lock Handle Frame Steel Tape
Lufkin Steel Frame Tape, Atlas Tape with Plumb Bob
Atlas Oil Gaugers Heavy Steel Tapes with Plumb Bob

Spring Steel Arrows
Lufkin Steel Arrows, Surveyors Chain Tape Measures
Surveyors Chain Tape

Artisan Steel Tape
Lufkin Artisan and Millmens Steel Tape
Millmens Steel Tape

Point of Beginning of Measurement
Lufkin Steel Tapes

Sterling Linen Tapes
Lufkin Sterling and Ass Skin Tape Measures
Ass Skin Tapes

Universal Tapes Medium Grade
Lufkin Universal Medium and Extra Grade Tapes
Universal Tapes Extra Grade

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