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Goodell Pratt Hack Saw Blades
Goodell Pratt Hack Saw Blades

Bench Hack Saw # 1 Keyhole Saw # 237
Goddell Pratt Bench Hack and Keyhole Saws
Adjustable hack Saw Frames

Power Hack Saw Number 30
Goodell Pratt Power Hack Saw number 30

Butchers' Saw Blades
Goodell Pratt Butchers' Saw Frames and Blades
Butchers' Saw Frames # 75

Iron Plane Gauge # 333 Wood Plane Gauge # 334
Goodell Pratt Plane Gauge, Spoke Shave, Scraper
Pattern Makers Spoke Shave # 36 Bench Hook # 196 Scraper # 357

All Steel Mitre Boxes
Goodell Pratt All Steel Mitre Box

Hack Saw Blades
Goodell Pratt Hack Saw Blades

Heavy Hack Saw Blades # 300, 500
Goodell Pratt Hack Saw Blades
Extra Heavy Hack Saw Blades # 750, 800

Heavy Hack Saw Frames
Goodell Pratt Heavy Hacksaw Frames

Butchers' Saw Coils 25-50 Foot

Saw Sets # 201, 206

Saw Vise # 745

All Steel Mitre Boxes

Flexible Hack Saw Blades

Special Tool Room Hack Saw Blades Circular Saws # 70

Solid hack Saw Frames

Adjustable Hack Saw Frames

Bench Shear number 150

Bench punching Machine number 140

Dehorning Saw # 78 Horseshoers Butteris # 549

Saw Punch # 200 Hand Punch

Floor Scraper # 369 and # 469
Goodell Pratt Floor Scraper, Nail Puller
Pocket Nail Puller # 634 Universal Center Finders

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