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Page Index for 1912 Disston Handbook on Saws

Page 86

Disston Laboratory and Steam Hammer

Page 16

Toothing Hardening and Tempering
Disston Toothing, Hardening and Tempering Process
Page 19

Blocking and Polishing
Disston Blocking and Polishing Process
Page 22

The World is Our Market
1912 Disston Wareroom
Page 25

Rip Saws

Page 28

Cross Cut Hand Saws

Page 31


Page 34

Filing Saws

Page 37

What Constitutes Hand and Rip Saws

Page 40

The Making of the Disston Hand Saw

Page 15

Rolling hand Saw Plates Trimming and Weighing

Page 18

Largest Grind Stone measures 72" Diameter

Page 21

Handling Up

Page 24

Quality Sells

Page 27

Principle of Constuction

Page 30

Page 33


Page 36

Setting the Teeth of Saws

Page 39

32 Tons of Ingots Charging Crucibles Pouring Steel
32 Tons of Ingots Charging Crucibles Pouring Steel
Page 17

Smithing and Grinding
Disston Smithing and Grinding Process
Page 20

Etching, Setting and Filing
Disston Etching, Setting and Filing Process
Page 23

Construction of Saws
Disston Construction of Saws and How To Keep Order
Page 26

Cross Cut Saws

Page 29

Cross Cut Hand Saws
1912 Disston Cross Cut Hand Saws
Page 32

1912 Disston Saws Sharpening

Page 35

Fine Toothed Saws

Page 38


I would like to thank  Disston Precision Inc.  for providing some history on this company and for granting me permission  to show some of the old catalogs.
Also I would like to thank the Early American Industries Association for the help in gaining some history on this company

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