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Below are links to tools Buck & Hickman Limited (now called Buck Hickman In One) sold from a 1935 catalog
Click on any picture to view a larger image

Eclipse Hack Saw Frames

Buck & Hickman's Cross Cut Saws

Slack, Sellars' Hand, Back & Cross Cut Saws

Turning, Pruning, Plumbers', Salt, Lock,

Butchers', Electricians' Jewellers' Saws and Handle

Millers Falls hack Saw Frames

Lancashire metal Bow Saw Frame

Lever Rail Girder and Napier Band Saw

Buck & Hickman's Cast Steel Saws

Disston Back, Compass, Pruning, Keyhole,
Nest of Saws, Little Giant, Bow Saw and Frame

Saw Sets

Adjustable, Milford, Starrett, Hack Saw Frames

Millers Falls Coping Saw Frames

Disston Cross Cut Saw

Disston Hand Saws and Vices

Folding, Fretsaw, Disston Handles, Fret Saw Blades
English Saw Screws, Disston Saw Screws and Sets


I would like to thank Buck Hickman in One for providing the history on this company and for granting me permission to show the old catalogs

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