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Carryl R. Ziettlow's woodcarving page

Carryl’s carving began during WWII, while training to become an Air Force Flight Instructor. It began with the carving of solid wood airplanes. Ten years after graduating from Seminary, his wife gave him a set of good carving knives. The first thing he did was cut his hand (scar still visible) but his interest continued in earnest.


Until retirement, he was basically self-taught. Since retiring he has studied with numerous carvers of national reputation. His interest in carving ranges from hand carving with various knives to power carving with electric tools to chainsaw carving. The first major project he did was hand carve a walnut Crèche Scene for his granddaughter. There probably is not another like it because she could imagine various animals, etc., which could have been there, including a rooster.  With the above types of carving, his figures range from small items, such as gold ball figures, to items in midrange, such as birds, Santa’s, faces, etc, to larger items such as tall Santa’s carved from Cypress Knees to birds and faces chain sawed or power carved from logs.


During his years working in DesMoines, IA., he entered numerous city-wide contests as well as the Iowa State Fair competition. He regularly enters competitions in the Northwest Arkansas Woodcarvers Show and Competition. He has been fortunate to win ribbons in all of these competitions. He is a member of the National Woodcarvers Association, The Northwest Arkansas Woodcarvers Association and the Bella Vista Woodcarvers Association. He has taught some classes at his home and in programs at his church. Carryl is a member of the Village Art Club in Bella Vista, Arkansas and his work is regularly displayed at the Wishing Springs Gallery.


Click on picture to view a larger image.


Among the small items carved are golf balls.
Golf Ball carvings of Carryl Ziettlow

carvings of Carryl Ziettlow

Cypress knees have become another challenge and opportunity. Most of my carving of them are smaller Santas and Wizard faces but a 3-4' cypress knee offered an opportunity for a witch for Halloween.

carvings of Carryl Ziettlow

Driftwood or "found wood" as it is now called, presents a different challenge. This decaying wood found along the Yellowstone River. After removing the rotted and superfluous wood, I found an "Old Man of the Sea and his friends"! The friends are porpoises formed into the wave which encircles him.

Living in the "Bluebird capital" area of Arkansas
carvings of Carryl Ziettlow
and watching bluebirds feed at our feeders, gave opportunity for carving this bird

Larger items tackled which are hand carved or
carvings of Carryl Ziettlow
chainsaw carved are depicted by this half log with a face carved on it

Having visited most of the Cliff Dwellings of the
carvings of Carryl Ziettlow
Southwest, a piece of cottonwood bark lent itself to carving a diorama of them

After taking a seminar in flower carving which
carvings of Carryl Ziettlow
resulted in this Iris flower, various flowers from roses to hibiscus have become a challange

Eagles do inhabitate or pass through this area
carvings of Carryl Ziettlow
so that carving one trying to land was a natural thing


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