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Screwdrivers & Drills for sale

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North Bros. No. 1530 Ratchet Drill
Drill is in good working condition has Yankee No. 1530 North Bros. MFG. CO Phila. PA U.S.A. Pat Nov 2-97-July 28-08 Nov. 2-09
Jan 24-11 Mar 19-12 and May 21-12 stamped on the shaft. has five settings of plain, L.H. Ratchet, R.H., R.H. Ratchet and lock also has a patent APR 15-13 right above the handle some patent writing on the chuck but is harder to read no cracks in handle Item #355AL $25.00

North Bros. No. 131A Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver
Has Yankee NO. 131A North Bros. MFG. CO. Div of Stanley Tools Phila. PA USA stamped on shank tool is in working condition but there is no spring in handle also comes with a Yankee bit in good condition Driver measures approx. 16 5/8" when closed when extended measures approx. 24 1/2" No cracks in handle
Item #354AL $15.00 

Wrightman Drill with Fray's patent angle attachment
Tool is in good working condition has D.H. Wightman St. Louis Fray's patents Dec 88 and Jan 89 stamped on chuck two jaws
Item #356AL $50.00

Archimedes Drill
Tool measures approx. 11 3/8" long chuck works good is the screw down type handle is good no cracks the small handle on the shaft has a hairline crack but tool is sound Item #363AL $25.00

North Bros No. 130 spiral ratchet driver
Tool has Yankee No. 130 North Bros with a lot of patent information that is hard to read tool is in working condition spring loaded no cracks in handle includes one bit Item #340AL $10.00

North Bros. No. 30A ratchet driver
Tool has Yankee No 30A North Bros. MFG CO. PHILA PA. USA Pat APR 16-95-Nov 2-97 Sep 5-99 OCT 9-00 May 06 Nove 3-08 May 4-15 and Dec 11-23 tool is in working condition spring a little weak no cracks in handle Item #341AL $10.00  

North Bros. No. 30 ratchet driver
Tool has Yankee No. 30 North Bros MFG CO. Phila PA USA Pat Apr 16-95 Nove 2-97 Sept 5-99 OCT 9-00 May 1-06 Nov 3-08 May 4-15 stamped on shank. Handle has some dings but seems tool works ok but doesn't have a spring return also comes with one bit Item #342AL $10.00

North Bros No 31A spiral ratchet driver
Has Yankee No. 31A North Bros MFG. CO Phila PA USA Pat APR 16-95 NOV 2-97 SEP 5-99 OCT9-00 MAY 1-06 NOV 3-08 MAY 4-15 DEC 11-23 comes with one bit there is no screw in the end of the handle also missing spring handle has no cracks drill does work  Item #343AL $10.00

North Bros Bell System No. 95 screwdriver
Driver has Yankee No. 95 North Bros. MFG Co PHILA PA USA Pat OCT 15-12 Bell System stamped on ferrule tool measures approx. 10" long with the blade being approx. 6 1/2" long and 3/16" wide handle is worn at the end but tool is pretty good
Item #345AL $10.00

North Bros. No 95 screwdriver
Tool has Yankee No. 95 North Bros MFG CO. Div of Stanley Tools PHILA PA USA on the ferrule. Handle is good with no cracks small chip on tip of blade on corner overall length is approx. 8 1/8" blade is approx. 4 1/2" long Item #346AL $10.00

North Bros No 41 Push Drill
Tool has Yankee 41 North Bros MFG CO PHILA PA. USA PAT JAN 25-98 OCT 29-01 stamped on shank tool is in working condition has three bits that can be stored in the handle. Item #347AL $10.00

Old wooden handle screwdriver
No name found  no cracks in handle measures approx. 9 1/16" long bit is 5/8" wide Item #309 $8.00

Winchester Twist Drill Bit
Bit has Winchester 9/32 stamped on it and measures approx. 5" long good condition Item #351AL $15.00

Five bits and Gimlets
There are two gimlets, two screwdriver type bits and one counter sink bit Item #349AL $10.00

Two North Bros NO. 133H screwdrivers
Both are in working condition and both have Yankee No 133H Handyman North Bros Manufacturing CO. PHILA PA USA Made in United States of America Pat. 103676 only one has a bit item #348AL $16.00

10 Various size drill Bits
Some are Barnes, Cleveland, S.T. Co., Standard and others not marked Item #353AL $6.00


Small wood brass ferrule driver
Tool measures overall length of approx. 5 inches. Handle is good no cracks  no name found driver is approx. 1/4" wide Item #224 $8.00


Old Wooden handle Screwdriver
Tool measures approx. 9 1/8" long driver is 1/2" wide there is a crack in the handle no name found on driver Item #222 $3.00

Solid metal screwdriver
No name found tool measures approx. 8 7/16" long bit is 9/16" wide
Item #310 $8.00 

Old Drill bit
No name found tool measures approx. 15" long bit is 9/16" wide needs sharpened Item #294 $3.00

11 Yankee and other drill bits
Three of these have Yankee stamped on them with the notch on the shank sizes are one 5/32" and two 11/64". The rest have the smooth round shank various sizes have a small plastic tube holder Item #105

Yankee 130A North Bros. with box
Driver is in fantastic shape doesn't look like it has ever been used has three bits. Box has some wear but all intact. Item #1AL $40.00


Yankee #41 Drill
Has Bell System Yankee No. 41 North Bros. MFG. Co. with patent dates hard to see drill needs some work spring is very week good for parts Item #197 $8.00

Large Tip Screwdriver
Tool measures approx. 9 5/8" from tip to end of handle blade is 7/8" wide no chips handle has a crack someone added a wire around for a quick fix is in working condition no name found Item #254 $10.00

Yankee Handyman North Bros. 133A with box
Another great Yankee driver has 4 attachments  (phillips, regular, 2 drills) says Yankee Handyman on handle. Box has been taped on side but still all is intact.
Item #2AL $30.00


Yankee no.15 North Bros. screwdriver
Nice little reversible driver measures approx. 5 13/16" long with driver bit. Good working shape. Item #3AL $25.00

All Metal Frame Screwdriver
No name found tool measures approx. 4 7/8" long tip is 3/16" handle measures approx. 1" wide Item #253 $5.00

Stanley Screwdriver Bits
Largest has No. 2C-5/16 Stanley Made in USA stamped on it and next one has Stanley Made in USA No. 26-3/16  both measure approx. 5" long Item #290 $6.00

Stanley Victor #945 Brace
Brace has a 10" sweep has 945-10in has Victor on frame also IMPERFECT the chuck has the Stanley SW logo New Britain Conn stamped on it. All wood is good no cracks Item #240 $20.00


Perfect handle screwdriver with wing extensions number 4
Tool has "Perfect Handle USA Pat. 3.21.22 stamped on shank along with some other information and the number four at tip handles are worn tool measures approx. 8 1/4" long driver is 3/8" wide made by the HD Smith Company Item #223 $25.00

Six Ratchet Screwdriver bits
One is marked Yankee Item #368AL $12.00

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