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Antique p2025 Stanley 18 knuckle joint block plane
Stanley Pat 2-18-13 on the knuckle cap and Stanley stamped on the toe. Japan is worn on edges but over all not too bad blade is short measuring at approx. 3 5/8" it has Stanley Rule & Level Co in the arch mark. It has an S cast underneath the adjustable throat plate. Plane measures approx. 6" long and there is a chip on the throat no cracks.
SKU 2025 330180069741
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Antique p3088 Stanley L. Baileys patented block plane
Plane measures approx. 7" long no cracks adjustable throat is perfect. Japan is worn around edges, patina is very nice. Has the nut that accepts the rosewood handle tail piece. Blade has L. Baileys Patent Aug 16 67 Aug 31 58 EXD and measures approx. 4 5/8" long.
SKU 3088
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Antique w4029 Winchester no. 3089 block plane
Tool has 3089 stamped near the heal and measures approx. 7" long no cracks some pitting on sole adjustable throat. Has H stamped on one side blade has winchester trade mark stamped on top along with the knuckle cap
SKU 4029
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Antique kk4030 Keen Kutter K102 small block plane
Tool has K 102 stamped on toe and measures approx. 5 3/8" long blade has EC Simmons Keen Kutter logo small crack on lever cap
SKU 4030
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Please note that there is only one each of antique tools available