Excellent Ethics Topics for Research Paper: 45 Best Ideas

Ranging from morality to social issues and theories of human behaviour there are many ideas that an ethics research paper may peruse. These papers investigate an ethical quagmire, drawing various conclusions based on the available materials. 

After conducting research, you are tasked with interpreting your results through arguments backed by relevant evidence. This guide will highlight the steps for writing an ethics research paper and expose you to the ethics research paper outline. We will also highlight various topics to inspire your topic selection and help you to focus your paper on specific ideas.

How to write an ethics research paper

Like all academic tasks, mindlessly writing out ideas on your topic barely results in an objective ethics paper. For the best results, we recommend that you follow these steps to create your essay.

  1. Choose a topic

The ethics research paper topic choice is of key essence in your writing. Poor paper selection may result in a partially complete argument, limiting your performance. 

When choosing a topic, brainstorm for various ideas you have encountered that piqued your interest. You may also research the emerging issues within your topic to determine ideas that are yet to be tackled in your field. 

If your topic has been tackled, determine a unique approach that will offer new insight besides what has been covered within various topics. Finally, formulate a thesis statement that captures your paper’s sole purpose. 

  1. Conduct extensive research

Before writing your paper, conduct research to identify how various ideas have been developed within your field. This allows you to critique the existing knowledge, highlighting various gaps that necessitate your research.

The research allows you to determine the broadness of your topic and also highlights various sources that will support claims within your paper. 

  1. Develop an outline

After performing your research, outline how various arguments will fit into your larger research problem. Doing this will help you to gauge the completeness of your paper and also to sort out your ideas in a manner that ensures a smooth flow.

  1. Draft

After gauging your research, write your first draft. However, the draft is not ready for submission and should undergo concentrated editing to fix various issues within your paper. 

Ethics research outline


  • Hook that highlights the importance of a research topic
  • Summary of the research background that highlights various research gap
  • Statement of a thesis (purpose of your paper)


  • Divided into paragraphs that develop your arguments. 
  • Each paragraph should contain a unique idea on your topic
  • Format your paragraphs to contain the topic sentence, the supporting arguments, and a concluding sentence that transitions to the next paragraph.

Conclusion: a summary of your key arguments and an analysis of the implications of your research to the field. 

Business ethics topics for research paper

  1. What role does social media play in attaining reputable business? 
  2. Is it ethical for employers to monitor their staff's online activities? 
  3. Is it ethical to monitor and analyse E-mail communications in the workplace? 
  4. Do firms follow data confidentiality policies? 
  5. How does the ethical culture of an organization influence personal safety ethics? 
  6. lowering the company's environmental impact and carbon footprint 
  7. How do prejudice and harassment harm the employee? 
  8. Leadership characteristics of objectivity and openness 
  9. Are women more effective corporate executives than men? 

Ethics research paper topics

  1. Is ethical hacking worthwhile? 
  2. The influence of leadership courses on ethical leadership 
  3. A look at the connection between moral and relational leadership
  4. Why will genetic cloning not be undertaken in the future? 
  5. Abortion is legal or illegal? 
  6. Is it ever justified to take one's own life? 
  7. Should images of coffins be shown in newspapers and on television?
  8. Investigating various cross-cultural business challenges
  9. Commercial whaling ethical analysis 

Ethics topics for research paper

  1. Prostitution should be prohibited. 
  2. Should the government execute dangerous criminals? 
  3. Is it the obligation of advanced nations to house refugees from other states
  4. Smoking mothers should face criminal charges for risking the lives of their unborn children
  5. Are moral principles enslaving people? 
  6. Considering the ethics of cryptocurrency
  7. Is it ethical to change one's look with makeup? 
  8. What is the most effective strategy to penalize prejudiced teachers? 
  9. Should men and women be treated equally?

Medical ethics research paper topics

  1. Long-term information withholding by the doctor from the families
  2. Donating organs to relatives in need versus non-relatives in need
  3. The point at which an unborn child is regarded to be alive
  4. The proper method to use social media in medicine
  5. The ethics of treating people who do not have insurance
  6. Assisted suicide and low-cost health care
  7. The Covid-19 vaccination should be made mandatory
  8. Criminal charges have been filed in connection with accidental treatment deaths
  9. The global disparities in medical ethics

Topics for ethics research paper

  1. Discuss what should be done in light of the recent increase in the prohibition on safe abortion. 
  2. Is gender-based violence morally acceptable?
  3. Should the promotion of safe sexual practices be encouraged?
  4. Marijuana: The contrast between its health roles and the health risks marijuana brings to individuals
  5. Is workplace chauvinism an ethical matter?
  6. Should parents monitor their child's every socializing?
  7. Is flogging an effective form of punishment?
  8. Is being educated synonymous with being intelligent?
  9. Is wearing dyed hair to work unethical?

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