9 Great Digital Academic Writing Tools for Students & Researchers

I would be lying to you if I were to market academic writing as anything short of an arduous nerve-wracking task. Ranging from taxing research to meticulous writing and editing, tons of time and effort is required to submit a quality paper. 

The good news is that there are a plethora of tools for researchers that ease the writing process. Unfortunately, the myriad of options may present a challenge in selecting the right tools for you. Here, we will highlight nine writing tools that come in handy to ease various aspects of your work. 

Academic writing tools to use in your research

1. Jasper

Jasper is a great tool that will help you paraphrase ideas before infusing them into your paper. Jasper offers basic editing functions and presents you with sixty templates that simplify tedious research.

This academic writing software comes with 5,000 start-up credits allowing you to get a taste of various features before deciding on investing in premiums. 

2. Trinka

Trinka is a great grammar and plagiarism checker for academic paper writing. This tool offers real-time recommendations, allowing you to rectify various errors as you go about writing your paper.

The software allows you to gauge the complicated sentences within your work, keeping your work clear and succinct. Since the software developers have a firm grasp of academic writing, this tool proves a great option for research paper writing.

We also like the publication readiness check offered in the free plan as it allows you to address all issues, ensuring that your paper is in good shape before publication. 

3. Hemmingway editor

By now, you are aware that complexity in your writing obfuscates various arguments within your paper, limiting your final score. Hemmingway editor analyses your work, highlighting various sentences that may be tedious to read.

Hemmingway also strikes out instances of passive voice, helping you conform your paper to academic writing rules and to maximize the readability of your paper. The app also offers software for offline editing and is free to use thus a convenient addition to your academic writing repertoire.

4. Scrivener

Scrivener ranks among the best writing tool for long research papers and manuscripts. The software allows you to address various chapters in any order and makes reorganizing your paper as easy as dragging and dropping. 

5. Turnitin

Plagiarism bears a couple of undesirable consequences for academic writing. Unlike common research paper software for plagiarism, Turnitin identifies up to twelve types of plagiarism, helping you edit your paper better.

This tool also offers detailed reports on your paper, helping you to focus on the faulty sections and perform necessary corrections. Also, this tool is simple to use and does not present the learning curve associated with its complex counterparts. 

6. Bibme

Bibme is often ranked among the crucial tools for writing to have in your arsenal. Considering how tedious it may be to keep a meticulous list of the sources you consulted during research, Bibme proves a convenient tool for academic writing.

This tool easily builds bibliographies and references according to your preferred referencing style. Unlike common tools, this software helps you keep track of all sources used to structure your arguments and automatically generates a list once you are done.

7. Essay writing checklist

Helpful writing tools do not necessarily have to be complex or sophisticated. This tool helps you keep tabs on all the deliverables of a research paper ensuring that you tackle all the possible errors when editing your work.

8. Todoist

Todoist is a task manager to help you stay at par with your writing schedule. This app allows you to prioritize urgent commitments and set reminders for upcoming tasks.

This allows you to manage the scheduled sections in good time, ensuring the timely completion of your research paper. Todoist also allows for collaboration and offers a productivity visualization to help you analyze how various goals were met in a given duration.

This allows you to change your writing approaches to ensure more productivity as you write your paper.

9. Grammarly

There are many grammar, structure, and writing errors that could easily miss your notice as you edit. Grammarly is a multipurpose tool that allows offers functions ranging from plagiarism checking to grammar editing.

This tool suggests changes and offers synonyms to reduce redundancy within your work. Also, Grammarly highlights instances of passive voice and long sentences, helping you improve your paper’s readability. 

Final take

What is the best application to create a research paper? The answer to this question depends on the aspect of writing you are approaching. This list of academic writing tools should come in handy to help you along various writing phases to ensure a great grade and a smooth writing experience. 

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