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Dremel Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener 675

New Dremel Lawn Mower and garden tool sharpener in package. Sharpen the entire cutting surface of your lawn mower blade in minutes with this easy-to-use attachment. It provides the optimum angle to sharpen most walk-behind rotary lawn mower blades for a healthy, beautiful lawn. Other garden tools such as shovels, shears, hoes, and axes will also gain a new lease on life.FEATURES - Easily screws on to your rotary tool in place of the tool's housing cup. - Sharpens to the perfect angle. - Long-wearing nylon material. - Comfortable ergonomic design. - Recessed thumb grips for comfort and safety. - For use with models 275, 285, 395, 398, 780 and 800.INCLUDES - Sharpening attachment - One Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone: #932 Rotary tool sold separately
Dremel Lawn Mower & Garden Tool Sharpener 675
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