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Dremel 1453 Chain Saw Sharpening Kit

New Dremel Chain Saw Sharpening Kit number 1453 Quickly and easily use your Dremel rotary tool to sharpen dull, slow-cutting chain saw blades. Includes three different sharpening stone sizes to fit most blades. For areas without convenient access to electricity, Dremel recommends using this attachment with the 10.8V Lithium-ion Cordless rotary tool DOES NOT INCLUDE ROTARY TOOL OR CHAIN SAW ONLY SHARPENING KIT The sharpener attaches easily to most rotary tools Enclosed gauge, spacers and 30ΒΌ angle guide assures custom fit to most chain saws Three sizes of sharpening stones fit most blade sizes Includes Chain Saw Sharpening Attachment 453 5/32" Sharpening stone 454 3/16" Sharpening stone 455 7/32" Sharpening stone Gauge Spacers Wrench Instructions
Dremel 1453 Chain Saw Sharpening Kit
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