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Dremel 801 Carbide Shaping Wheel

New Dremel #801 Carbide Shaping Wheel The Carbide Shaping Wheel is a carbide coated shaping tool that quickly and efficiently removes material. The unique perforated surface of the Shaping Wheel allows for cool running, and clears particles away as it works. Sold seperately are Collets for this bit are number 480 and 585 1/8" The Shaping Wheel easily creates compound curves and works on a variety of materials including woods, fiberglass, laminates, plastic, leather and even styrofoam. Suggested uses for this versatile accessory include furniture restoration, fitting cabinet shelving and baseboards, shaping fiberglass, and hobbies and crafts such as woodcarving, ship building and making doll houses and ornaments
Dremel 801 Carbide Shaping Wheel
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