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Dremel 475 Carbide Sanding Band 60 grit

New Dremel #475 Carbide Sanding Band The Carbide Sanding Band is a versatile accessory that can be used for sanding and shaping flat, beveled or curved surfaces, as well as inside surfaces that are difficult to reach any other way. The band is 60 grit, and comes mounted on a sanding mandrel. Use on a variety of materials including woods, fiberglass, laminates, plastic, leather and even styrofoam. Suggested applications include shaping a recessed area in baseboard trim for speaker and/or cable TV wires, sanding doors and window frames that stick, paint stripping, and hobbies and crafts such as woodcarving and modeling. The carbide grit surface is extremely long-lasting and the edges of the band will stay crisp and sharp.
Dremel 475 Carbide Sanding Band 60 grit
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