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Pig Silk Oil cutting in paint brush 15mm

New Cutting in brush 15mm in diameter. High quality brush designed for oil based materials. Made of 100% pig silk (hog bristle) and featuring turned wood handles and copper ferrules. This traditional desing is the best for cutting in work the brush heads are formed to a point so that detail work and working in corners is unbelievably easy. The brush can be rolled during the stroke, allowing a maximum amount of material to be applied. This brush is 100% natuaral chinese white pig silk and they are completly filled without any filler bristles or sturffer thereby allowing more finish to be taken up longer brush strokes, and fewer trips back to the container to get more finish on the brush. This brush is DOES NOT have the cord as shown in picture around the bottom of the bristles it is cordless. With care this brush will last for years made in France item number 8392025
Pig Silk Oil cutting in paint brush 15mm
SKU 8392025
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