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Antique 7009 Rosewood bottom Jennings Steers plane
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reference in Smiths book pages 144 and 142 that it could be a Steers or Jennings but I cant be for sure maybe even stanley. The plane measures approx. 14" long and 2 1/2" wide. The sole has rosewood strips and rosewood is worn up towards the toe. No cracks in body. The handle has been broken at the top please see picture no cracks. The knob is a low knob with no cracks with some dings and scratches. The frog has no lateral adjustment and the brass adjustment wheel has the Baileys Patent Aug 1856 Aug 1867 inside. There is japan that remains on the plane worn in spots. The lever cap has some chips and the blade has no name that I can see and has some pitting more pictures upon request
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