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Dremel 670 Mini Saw Attachment

New Dremel 670 Mini Saw Attachment is a unique, innovative rotary tool attachment that allows you to cut through wood like never before. Attaches to the rotary tool in seconds and makes clean, straight, perpendicular cuts up to 1/4" thick. Use for DIY, hobbies, crafts and modeling. Cut through paneling, install a heat register, build bird- and dollhouses, and use it to make model ships and airplanes. INCLUDES The Mini Saw Attachment, Rip/Crosscut blade, drive adapter and instruction manual only . Extra Blades are also available FEATURES - Angled Throat - Allows for straight, perpendicular cuts - Clear Housing - For better visibility - Directional Guide - Indicates direction of cut and line of cut - Quick Connect - Attaches to your rotary tool in seconds - Lower Guard - Retracts when not in use to ensure safety
Dremel 670 Mini Saw Attachment
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