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Dremel 6000 Contour Sanding kit with tool bag

New Dremel 6000-01 Contour Sander Kit Stroke Length.060�� (1,5 mm) Amperage1.15 (1,15) Tool Weight1.75 lbs. Cord Length (ft.)10' (3 m) Voltage120 V AC Item DescriptionContour Sander Stroke TypeIn-line, reciprocating Strokes per minuteVariable speed (4,000 to 10,000 spm) The Dremel Contour Sander is a compact, lightweight sanding tool that provides ultra-smooth results on a variety of surfaces and materials. Use it to sand contoured surfaces such as spindles, curved moldings, and grooves as well as flat surfaces like shutters, slats and wood details. With multiple contour shapes and variable speeds, it has the power and precision you need to virtually eliminate hand sanding. Includes Variable speed Contour Sander 6033 Sanding Contour 6034 Sanding Contour 6050 80 Grit Sanding Tube 6052 120 Grit Sanding Tube 6054 220 Grit Sanding Tube 2610992136 Detail Sanding Pad 6060 80 Grit Detail Pad Sandpaper 6061 120 Grit Detail Pad Sandpaper 6062 220 Grit Detail Pad Sandpaper 6017 Sanding Contour 6019 Sanding Contour 6021 Sanding Contour 6023 Sanding Contour 6025 Sanding Contour 6027 Sanding Contour 6029 Sanding Contour 6030 Sanding Contour
Dremel 6000 Contour Sanding kit with tool bag
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