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pr6151220.jpg Mallet Robert larson product Carpenters L6151220
New Carpenters Mallet for use with bench chisels, assembling joints, tapping a plane blade into a place and many other uses. This mallet is made in the traditional style in Sheffield England. Dimensions 2"x2 1/2"x5" solid Beech
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pr1701012.jpg Wood IS Good Mallet USA solid wood head has rubber material 12 ounce
New Carvers Mallet especially designed for use with carving gouges and chisels. Solid wood handle and core the head is surrounded with a rubber material to absorb shock during use 12 ounces Made in the USA
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Riffler Rasp set with cloth case
New Riffler Rasp Set. Riffler rasps are used by carvers and sculptors for smoothing and shaping wood. This economical set of eight double sided rasps is perfect for the beginner or occasional carver. Includes a cloth storage case
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Wood is Good 20 ounce woodworking mallet
New Wood is Good mallet maintains the same hand grip on the wooden handle throughout the range of each size. A long lasting tool that does not harm the chisel handle, and is easy on the carvers hand and arm during extensive carving sessions a lot quiter too. This is thanks to the synthetic striking surface that will absorb the shock before it can get to your arm and yet transmits the striking force to the tool. This mallet is 20 ounces and measures approx. 10 5/8"x3 3/8" at the head item number 1701020
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Two Cherries made in Germany leather apron 7100
New two Cherries made in Germany leather apron. This quality leather apron is made for woodworkers. The velour leather not only provides good body protection, but it is also a long wearing apron. Made from durable materials it has a fully adjustable nylon waist and adjustable neck straps, both with a quick release buckle. Stress points are reinforced with rivets. The three bottom pockets and the top pocket are able to keep a variety of tools. The backside of the apron is covered with a black lining, and the Two Cherries logo is embroidered on the front.
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